Financial Coach Academy – Financial Coach Training 4.0

Financial Coach Academy – Financial Coach Training 4.0

Financial Coach Academy – Financial Coach Training 4.0

A Financial Coaching Program That Covers It All

After more than a decade of running our financial coaching business and years of running this course, we have identified the five core concepts that every financial coach needs to be a successful coach. The Academy has assigned each of these concepts a module, and within each module is a series of lessons, videos, handouts, materials and actions to help you work through mastering this concept.

What’s included in the Academy?

FCA is not a passive course. You’re launching a business which takes hard work but thanks to the Academy, eliminate the trial and error! You’ll be building aspects of your business as you go but ready to take on clients by the end of Module 2!

  • 5 core modules each with 4 lessons (20 core lessons) designed to get you coaching clients as quickly and confidently as possible
  • 125+ Videos you can watch over and over again as needed
  • 160 Downloads, templates, contracts and handouts for you to use right away in your coaching business
  • 5 Bonus concepts for specialized coaching and expanding your offerings

A Program Designed to Grow With You – The Bonus Modules

Once a coach has worked their way through the five core modules, they have completed the course. Their Academy graduate seal is on the way! But as we said, the first five modules are just the core concepts. There’s more to cover. We have five bonus modules that are designed to help you and support you beyond your initial launch. As you grow your business, we have created bonus modules to guide you there too. Not listed but also included: Advanced Marketing

·       Advanced Programming

Includes strategies for creating scale and leverage in your financial coaching business. This bonus course includes digital courses, masterminds, group programming, long-term coaching models for clients and other one-to-many offerings!

·       Corporate Wellness

Dive into two distinct methods for adding Corporate Wellness as an offering to your financial coaching business!

·       CEO Mindset

In this bonus course, dive into strategies for managing your time, business finances, mindset, and work-life balance as CEO of your financial coaching business! Download pep talk video and audio files to your phone to listen as needed!

Course Curriculum

Modules, Lessons, and Financial Coach Training Covered in the Financial Coach Academy

Module 1

Clarity on Who you are and Who You Serve

Module 1 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Your why story

LESSON TWO: Your vision of success and your title

LESSON THREE: Your ideal client

LESSON FOUR: Your business name and legal protections

By the end of this lesson, you will have:

  • Gained clarity on who you are and who you serve.
  • A clear vision for what kind of business you’re creating.
  • Identified your niche.
  • Learned the challenges your ideal clients are experiencing.
  • Embraced where your desire to become a financial coach comes from.
  • Begun crafting that into a compelling Why story.
  • Picked a business name and chosen a title.
  • A good understanding of some administrative and legal steps you can take for your business right now.

Module 2 – A Client’s First Experience Working with You

Getting clients booked and coached

Module 2 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Creating first impressions and onboarding

LESSON TWO: Qualifying a client

LESSON THREE: Delivering your first session

LESSON FOUR: Working with beta clients

By the end of this lesson, you will have:

  • Mapped out a client journey for your business.
  • Created your Quick Audit process.
  • Designed and launched your Discovery session.
  • Activated a scheduling software.
  • Built a tracking system for leads, prospects, and clients.
  • Announced you’re looking for clients.
  • And some of you have had a couple practice clients under your belt as well.

Module 3 – Building Long-Term Client Relationships

Design a client experience they won’t forget

Module 3 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Program development and design

LESSON TWO: Effective coaching and content creation

LESSON THREE: Boundaries and crucial conversations

LESSON FOUR: Support your business with systems

By the end of this lesson, you will have:

  • Mapped out a coaching program for your business.
  • Created really great content that gets your clients results.
  • Learned effective coaching skills.
  • Identified the four key roles coaches play.
  • Wrapped your brain around asking effective questions.
  • Drafted a Coaching Agreement.
  • Designed and launched an onboarding sequence to lead clients through.
  • Built a tracking system for your clients’ journey through your program.
  • Established important policies to help you establish boundaries and expectations with clients.

Module 4 – Selling Your Coaching with Integrity

Sell your discovery session and programs with confidence

Module 4 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Bridging the gap

LESSON TWO: Mindset of sales

LESSON THREE: Energy of sales

LESSON FOUR: Scripts and objections

By the end of this lesson, you will have:

  • Identified where your clients are today, where they want to be and how your services help to bridge that gap.
  • Brainstormed ways your coaching program helps clients to solve their current challenges.
  • Reflected on what you appreciate and dislike about sales conversations you’ve experienced.
  • Designed a pre-game sales strategy.
  • Learned the strategy of “teeing up” your coaching.
  • Wrote out pivot statements for your Discovery session.
  • Learned how the energy in your workspace impacts your sales conversations.
  • Explored various objections you may hear and how you’ll respond to them.
  • Identified 10 benefits of your coaching.
  • Outlined how you will wrap up your Discovery session for three scenarios that could occur.

Module 5 – Marketing Your Coaching

Get out there and create a brand and a name for yourself

Module 5 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Developing referral relationships

LESSON TWO: Rocking your social media

LESSON THREE: Creating a killer website

LESSON FOUR: Designing marketing resources

By the end of this lesson, you will have:

  • Learned strategies for making the most of your referral relationships.
  • Identified who’s in front of your ideal clients on a regular basis already.
  • Brainstormed ways your coaching program helps their clients to solve their current challenges.
  • Designed a reach-out strategy for connecting with referral partners.
  • Picked and launched a social media platform for you as a financial coach.
  • Learned about the key components of your website.
  • Wrote out the copy for your website.
  • Explored various commercials you can use to gain the most from the networking meetings you attend.
  • Designed a follow-up strategy after a one-to-one with a referral partner.
  • Established goals for your referral marketing and social media marketing.


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