Riyad Briki – Traffic Arbitrage Course

Riyad Briki – Traffic Arbitrage Course (My $30K/Month Formula Using Push Notifications)

Riyad Briki – Traffic Arbitrage Course (My $30K/month Formula using push notifications)

Discover the strategy that allows me to make +40K$/month selling traffic to advertising networks.

You probably ask yourself this question:

“How Do I Make This Online Thing Work?”

Let me introduce myself first,

My name is Riyad Briki

Entrepreneur, founder of monetizor agency and owner of multiple online businesses.

I was able to go from being broke to making +$80K/month with my online business.

With the business model that I’m going to reveal today, I was able to buy my apartment and start investing in real estate and marry my love.



That’s 100% TRUE!

Back in 2018, I was a broke 19 years old man who have 3 blogs and 1 Shopify store that make me less than 1.000$ /month.

1.000$ /month is not bad for a newbie who has limited knowledge of online marketing and e-commerce but my goals were bigger than 1.000 bucks.

At this time, I had a friend who made 130.000$ /month doing affiliate marketing with online trading brokers. This friend has shown me his process but I didn’t succeed to make big numbers because of my Budget.

To make money in affiliate marketing or e-commerce in general, you’ve to make sales and to make sales there are just 02 methods:

  • You’ve to test many products to find your winning product and scale it and I’m not a fan of this method.
  • you create a funnel in which you educate your traffic and build trust with them then you try to sell them your products and services. (+90% of successful businesses use this method).


Both of these 2 methods need a BUDGET.So, creating a successful affiliate marketing online business was too difficult for me not because of a lack of knowledge but it was a budget problem. I decided to stop affiliate marketing and search for new methods to monetize my traffic and my story with traffic arbitrage business model starts from here.It comes back to 2019 when I’m searching on youtube for how I can monetize my blog. I suddenly found a 55 min video titled “Traffic Arbitrage – my 100K $ per month formula”.


I watched THIS MASTERCLASS. The video is for a 26-year-old marketer in a digital marketing event in Cario.The method of this genius guy is so CRAZY.He buys traffic (visitors to a site) from one ad network to his blog and he sells it to another network at a higher price.His product is the traffic itself. (He buys traffic – gives free value and free content to those visitors – he sells them to advertising networks).



  • His work is 100% digital.What I like about this business model is its high return on investment ROI%His ROI% is from 30% to 700%

    I mean by 700%, for every 1$ spent you make 7$.

    This marketer had shown us that he makes more than 7 figures in some months (1M$/month) in the last Digital Asia Summit 2022 using some advanced chatbot strategies.After finishing this video presentation, I immediately decided to master this business model because of 02 reasons: high profitability and scalability.I’ve worked on this business model for 3 MONTHS.And thanks to GOD, the results were so impressive



I’ve tested a lot of methods to develop this business model in the last 4 years and I’ve created a solid and automated money machine that makes +425.000$ every year.

I was able to make 30K$/month from the third month (100% digital and automated).

The most important thing in this business model is its high return on investment.

I was able to make 30k$/month spending just 500$ on ads (my ROI% = 700%).

“So, How Do I Make This Online Thing Works?”

Now, I’ll go deeper and explain to you how this thing works and I’ll share with you all my knowledge in this Ebook.

My goal from this course is to help 125 online entrepreneurs make multiple 6 figures from my Traffic Arbitrage Formula.


Now, we are offering a Traffic Arbitrage Ebook in which I’m going to REVEAL it ALL.

In this ebook, I’m going to help you get the full idea of what is a consistently profitable online business, and how you can build it the right way.

Moreover, I will let you conceive it by showing you exactly and step-by-step how I did it.

I’m sure everything will get different after that.



  • Introduction.
  • Traffic Arbitrage Concept.
  • Push Notification Method.
  • How do you buy traffic?
  • How do you own traffic?
  • How do you sell traffic?


  • WordPress Website Creation.
  • Lead Magnet Creation (+++).
  • Lead Magnet ready template examples to make money from week 01.

In the next ebook, I will explain to you how this business model works from A to Z and give you a real example that you can clone it and start making money from week 01.

Join us now for just 247$


Only 07 remaining places then we’ll raise our prices to 497$.

We’ll accept just 125 students!

We’ll double the price after every new 25 students!

Here’s why…

We’ve only selling a limited amount of copies of this book, and when they’re gone… well, they’re gone! If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time with no notice. To ensure you don’t miss out, act now…

Money Loves Speed! So, Be The First.


This has been an excellent course. I have learned many excellent new secret methods to monetize my blog visitors. Thank you, Riyad!

Such amazing information in this course. I have pages of notes, and I cannot wait to implement what Riyad teaches. I like how he is not just telling you what to do but having you reflect inward for the answers. Thank you.

5 stars. I want to get more information about other traffic arbitrage strategies.

Riyad is an experienced entrepreneur and a very good instructor. The course is practical. You will get insights that can be crucial to your journey. I highly recommend this course to those who want to start a traffic arbitrage.

This course is consistently delivering exactly what I want. Each topic is full of ideas, the delivery is very simple and very understandable. Indeed, a very high-quality course.

A pretty practical and exciting approach to monetizing website visitors, really loved it.

The content was thorough, clear, cut and concise. Thanks, Wonderfull Course Riyad, God Bless.

I am nearly halfway through this course. Not for one second have I doubted my choice. This is really well made, well presented and the content is really good. It is giving me the confidence that I might actually be able to do this successfully. Riyad, thank you so much.

So far quite an insightful program that helps me to think from the beginning about why and how I wanna approach the online learning industry. Coming from an 18-year experience in the online marketing industry, this program might just be The program to help me reposition myself in this new context. Thanks, Riyad.

I am absolutely impressed by the level of clarity, detail, and confidence boost I have received thus far from this course. It is worth every penny.



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