How to download and use our torrent site

1. Please, download and install torrent client




Other clients (Win and Mac):







Do not use or Web Version of uTorrent (uTorrentWeb) !

(If you have any trouble installing these programs on MAC, please, read this link.)

2. Register on our torrent site:

Use the same email and username as you use on

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A. If you already paid for your membership and then register after your payment, please, wait for our approval (CLICK HERE). You will receive a message about it.

B. If you are paying and registering at the same time, both of your accounts ( and will be activated at once. You will receive an email about it.



ALogin Here

B. You will see a Donor star next to your username (It means you are VIP, you can download). Example here.

C. Go to BROWSE page and choose or search for a torrent you want to download. Click on it.

D. Download the small torrent file to your computer by clicking on the torrent link. Example Here.

E. Add this torrent file to your torrent client via Drag & Drop or by Plus button. Example Here

F. You can also choose what parts of the torrent you want to download and where to save it. Example here

It should start with downloading within few second or minutes. When you see 100% you can go to your “downloads” folder and use the files.


Thats it !

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