Ali Khan – The Advanced MMXM – Inner Circle Dragons

Ali Khan – The Advanced Mmxm – Inner Circle Dragons

Ali Khan – The Advanced MMXM – Inner Circle Dragons

Ali Khan is a member of the prestigious Inner Circle Dragons, an elite group of entrepreneurs and business owners who utilize MMXM (the Advanced Marketing and Media Exchange) to build their businesses. He is renowned for his expertise in marketing and media, and is dedicated to helping others succeed.

What’s covered in these video lectures?

  • The anatomy of the MMXM
  • Personal model, entries, and risk
  • Unicorn Model
  • Silver Bullet × Dblock Model
  • How to hunt for setups
  • Understand market narrative and directional bias
  • MMBM
  • MMSM
  • MMXM Grading
  • Swing Deviations
  • Types of gap and where they form
  • High probability orderblock/FVG formation
  • Range calibration
  • High probability BMS
  • How to determine buyside and sellside delivery ranges
  • Accumulation/Distribution blocks
  • Accumulation/Distribution cycle flows
  • High probability turtle soup entries
  • High probability accumulation/distribution stages
  • Understanding consolidations
  • MMXM x AMD x Power of 3
  • MMXM x Time
  • Theory in practice – real chart mmxm breakdown
  • Change is state of delivery (CISD)
  • Smart money reversal
  • SMT
  • Timeframe selection


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