Pixelhaze Academy – Become Square Space Web Designer

Pixelhaze Academy – Become Square Space Web Designer

Pixelhaze Academy – Become Square Space Web Designer

What You Get:


Fundamentals of Web Design for Squarespace

  • Transitioning from Graphic Design to Web Design
  • Exploring Squarespace: An Introduction
  • Make money with Squarespace
  • Squarespace Circle: Join the Community
  • Should you start a web design business in 2023?


Crafting the Perfect Website Blueprint

  • Cover your bases
  • Bullet point brief
  • Sitemap
  • Content prioritisation
  • Respect the grid
  • Wireframing
  • Creating your own web design brief


Mastering Page Building Techniques

  • Creating Pages in Squarespace
  • Designing Professional Page Layouts
  • The Squarespace Fluid Engine
  • Working with Squarespace Templates
  • Saving ‘favourite’ sections for rapid prototyping.
  • Mobile & Responsive Design
  • Live Project: The entire process


Content: The Heart of Your Website

  • Squarespace Blogs, Calendars, Lists and Summary Blocks
  • Content Transfer
  • Content Creation
  • Photo Editing & Asset Management: Fine-Tuning Your Images
  • AI content and web design: The Future of Writing


Preparing for Launch

  • Finishing your Squarespace website
  • Perfecting your online presence
  • Domains: Claiming Your Online Identity
  • Hosting Plans: Choosing the Right Fit
  • The Pre-flight Checklist: Ensuring a Smooth Launch


Charting Your Path Forward

  • Managing Expectations: Setting Realistic Goals
  • Get on the Map: Boost Your Visibility
  • SEO SOS: Ranking Higher in Search Results
  • Squarespace Support: Leverage PixelHaze & Squarespace Resources


Sales Page: Download Files Size: 5.31 GB

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