Charles Tichenor – Disrupter School + How to Build a Winning Ad Account Course (GB)

Charles Tichenor – Disrupter School + How To Build A Winning Ad Account Course

Charles Tichenor – Disrupter School + How to Build a Winning Ad Account Course

What You Get:

✓ Dozens of courses on Advertising Strategies, Advertising Platforms, Campaign Analysis and Optimization, Landing Page and Conversion Optimization, and Advanced Insights

✓ Masterclasses on Consumer Psychology, Content Strategies, Business Development, Ad Agency Operations and Omni-Channel Marketing

✓ Multiple Classes every single week and weekly live sessions diving into real businesses and ad accounts, including your own if you want the help

✓ Consistently updating curriculum from industry experts

Charles Tichenor Audit for Profit Course

How to Audit Facebook Ad Accounts for Client Acquisition and Agencw

– Scrum Doc & Measurement Insights

– 3 Hour 8-Stage Live Audit with Screenshare

– Documentation & Templates

– Pricing, Communications & Positioning

– Creative Performance Review & Account Insights

– Direct Support, Partnerships & Discounts

Building For Success from the Start

Ad Agency Growth Blueprint Masterclass

We’ll explore vital topics such as:

How to craft a seamless and efficient onboarding process
nurtures strong client relationships and lays the foundation for success.

Automation Tools …
fast, agile, and frictionless process.

Establishing clear communication channels…
so you can understand performance with ease.

Enhanced client retention & Robust partnerships.

Get an Elevated agency reputation & Increased revenue.

Profitable Scaling Margin

Step by Step Guide to help you scale your business, rather than the ego of the marketer

Tackling big concepts like:

How to find your HERO PRODUCT…
so you can scale your business with projectable stability & confidence.

Understanding Cash Flow
so you can plan finances a year in advance.

How to think about numbers…
so you can understand performance with ease.

How to use these insights to make decisions…
so you can do what you need, when you need it.

Using Psychology To Convert

Generate Better ROI with Psychology-Based Creative

Covering these Essential Disciplines:

How to find your customer online…

so you can discover insights in real-time.

How to find out what they really want…

so you can work with their desires.

How to dissect their language…

so you can speak to them with ease.

How to use these insights to make ads…

so you can sell them what they want, when they want it.


In conclusion, Charles Tichenor’s “Disrupter School” and “How to Build a Winning Ad Account” course redefine the contours of marketing education. By combining innovation with practical application, Tichenor empowers marketers to not only understand the rules but rewrite them. These courses are a testament to his commitment to nurturing the next generation of disrupters in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What inspired Charles Tichenor to create Disrupter School?
    • Charles Tichenor’s journey and experiences in the marketing field inspired him to create Disrupter School. He saw the need for a platform that challenges traditional marketing norms and cultivates a new generation of forward-thinking marketers.
  2. Who can benefit from the “How to Build a Winning Ad Account” course?
    • The course is designed for marketers at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. It covers a wide range of topics and provides practical insights that are applicable to anyone involved in online advertising.
  3. How does Disrupter School foster innovation?
    • Disrupter School encourages innovation by challenging students to think beyond conventional marketing strategies. The curriculum emphasizes creativity, unconventional thinking, and real-world applications to prepare students for the dynamic marketing landscape.
  4. What makes Tichenor’s courses different from traditional marketing education?
    • Tichenor’s courses stand out due to their focus on innovation, practical application, and bridging the gap between theory and real-world scenarios. They go beyond traditional marketing education, empowering students with skills and perspectives that are relevant in today’s competitive environment.
  5. How can I enroll in Charles Tichenor’s courses?
    • To enroll in Disrupter School or the “How to Build a Winning Ad Account” course, visit [official website] for detailed information and registration instructions.

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