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Chris M. Walker – Superstar Seo Academy

Chris M. Walker – Superstar SEO Academy

Superstar SEO Academy for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced SEOs 

Superstar SEO Academy Covers 4 Focus Areas

  • SEO and Digital Marketing Agency Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Small Business Owners
  • eCommerce Store Owners

Each focus gives you everything you need to succeed.

Agency Owners

Agency owners will get everything they need to start, grow, and scale their SEO agency including:

  • How to start your business from scratch and be prepared to manage and grow it effectively
  • Free Client Getting Methods (Social Media, Email, Cold Calling, Cold Emailing and more)
  • In-person marketing and networking
  • Paid Client Getting Methods (PPC Advertising etc…)
  • A – Z SEO training to rank your own business and Local, State, and National clients.
  • How to rank any site in Google maps
  • How to turn your agency into a client getting engine

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers will find everything they need to start ranking affiliate sites and making passive income including

  • Finding winning niches
  • Determining the best affiliate offers
  • In-depth keyword research techniques not taught anywhere else
  • Determining the best type of affiliate site for your goal (authority, sniper, eCom store)
  • How to write high converting sales copy so that your site can turn traffic into sales
  • How to structure your website for proper user experience to make it convert traffic into sales
  • How to structure your site for maximum ranking potential
  • Setting up an Amazon affiliate store

Small Business Owners

Sometimes business owners want to handle their SEO and marketing. We have had numerous students like this have tremendous success by providing them the right information on how to:

  • Structure their website
  • Write the right kind of content
  • Create their business’s brand
  • Implement On-Site SEO for long term ranking
  • Simplified off-site SEO
  • A list of places to get the tasks done that they don’t have time for
  • Rank in Google Maps

eCommerce Store Owners

Most people rely on paid traffic to get sales on their eCommerce store. In this section people doing eCommerce will learn how to drive search engine traffic to their store including:

  • Picking the right platform to run your store
  • Choosing the right theme and customizing to their personality, brand, and products
  • Setting up your categories for optimal search engine visibility
  • Choosing the right products and how and when to add them
  • The importance of a blog
  • Choosing the right apps
  • Doing linking and off-site SEO
  • What to do after the site has been built.

You can focus on one path, multiple paths, or all of them!

In addition, everyone in Superstar Academy gets:

  • 1 Free Year Of Audit On-Site SEO Software
  • DEEP Discount on Our DFY Link Building Service
  • High-level mindset training to help you know the right path for you and get you in the Superstar Mindset
  • Advanced SEO training (PBN setup, Link outreach, Google Analytics training, advanced on-site and link building)
  • Monthly content updates
  • A private Facebook mastermind group with direct access to all 4 of our expert coaches as well as all the other professionals in our community
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A webinars

What more can we say? This is the most complete and reasonably priced SEO course available anywhere.

The price is going to continue to increase so jump in at this crazy low price while you still. can

Sales Page:  Download Files Size: 11.23GB

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