Colin Boyd – Sell From Stage Academy

Colin Boyd – Sell From Stage Academy

Colin Boyd – Sell From Stage Academy


What You Get:


1. Mindset & Confidence


This is where you’ll discover how to Ooze confidence  on your next virtual stage talk...even if the thought of public speaking makes you uneasy.

The goal of this module is to help you get over your fear of sales & master your inner game before you step out on stage.

We cover proven confidence-building strategies so you can show up for your audience in alignment and in control, whether it’s your first time speaking or you’re a seasoned pro.

This is the module to help you command attention and speak and sell from stage.


2. Audience & Irresistible Offer


With the Audience Psychology Map” you’ll know exactly how to design a virtual presentation that…

**Gets the audience ravenous for your offer…before you’ve gotten to the pitch.

**Doesn’t use any pushy or sleazy selling techniques to persuade people to buy.

**Generates mass excitement and enthusiasm with the virtual audience – even if you can’t see them.

You’ll finally know the exact angles and words to use to emotionally connect with your audience.

This module covers the foundations of what it takes to experience a stampede of buyers to your offer.


3. Signature Talks That Sell


Whether you’re selling to fill out your programs…

You’re guesting on a podcast…

Or you’ve been invited to talk as a Keynote Speaker…
This module not only shows you the exact step-by-step structure to follow, but it also gives you proven, fill-the-blank scripts to make your presentations uniquely yours.



Here’s A Snapshot Of The Three Signatures Talks You’ll Learn To Build Authority, Grow Your Email List & Swell Your Business With Red-Hot Clients.


1. THE SHARP SELL TALK – This is my full proprietary system for speaking on stage or webinar to sell your programs and products (in a way that feels good.) This is my secret formula that’s helped over 500+ students inside Sell From Stage Academy go from a trickle of sales to $30,000, $50,000 even $390,000 on their NEXT presentation.

2. THE SOFT SELL TALK – This method gives you a back doorway to acquire clients when selling on a virtual stage isn’t appropriate. Maybe you’re on a podcast or you’re a guest speaker where you’re asked not to sell. With this formula, you’ll now know how to get ‘client’s details’ on every talk, so that you can sell on the back end later.

3. THE NO SELL TALK – This is the a classic keynote structure that will give you the exact process for designing and delivering a keynote that engages people, gets you a standing ovation…and leads to them approaching you for more work. And yes. It doesn’t matter what kind of keynote speech you may have coming, it’s all in there.


4. Stagecraft & Signature Story


This is how we make your presentation sexy.

We’ll turn you into a charismatic presenter the audience will fall in love with right from the very start of your presentation.

You’ll also discover how to turn long-winded backstories into your most powerful selling tool.

Frankly, this is my favorite module. That’s because this module is the secret sauce to clients and conversions from your next virtual stage presentation.


5. Scale


With this module, my goal is to help scale your business to $10,000, $20,000 even $100,000 months.

In this module, you’ll learn how to use webinars, videos, live events to scale your business…without you always being IN the business.

After you apply this module in your business, you won’t recognize your business twelve months from now.




Bonus #1

Advanced Webinar Training


All of the principles in the program can be transferred to a webinar. In fact, all the scripts have specific references for what to do on your webinar at each point in the process. Remember a webinar is a stage. We have designed the learning experience to be 100% transferable to a webinar, where applicable. So even if you are joining this program just to up-level your webinars it will be perfect. This training takes you through how to fill your webinars, get people to actually show up and then what to do with the follow-up sequence to make more sales.


Bonus #2

Build Your Own Frameworks


If you’ve ever wondered how to separate yourself from the hundreds of other experts selling the same thing as you…

Then this is the bonus you’ve been looking for.

You’ll know how to create your own signature frameworks that make your content unique and set you apart in the market.

Imagine having your own framework that you could show any potential client and it instantly creates desire for your product or service. That’s what this training will do for you inside Sell From Stage Academy®.


Bonus #3

The Multi-day Workshop Maps


If you want to run a single or multi-day workshop for your online community then this will take you through how to plan out a workshop that’s high-value and high conversion. We used this process recently with Sigrun and she made $170,000 in one day! You can watch her video below on this page.


Bonus #4

Confident Video Delivery


This training shows you how to become confident when delivering content on video. You will quickly know how to connect with your audience through video as if they were in the room with you. This means you’ll convert more on your videos and build a sustainable business faster.


Bonus #5

Book More Stages System


This training will show you the latest and easiest ways to get booked and find more stages. All the way from finding a booking agent, finding local and national conferences to speak at, getting paid to speak at a conference to even creating your own events.


Bonus #6

Infusion Selling Masterclass


You’ll discover the 9 Infusion Selling™ strategies that make your webinars and presentation go from being just “entertaining” content to “client generating machines”. Students say this one class alone made them back their investment. You don’t want to deliver another webinar or presentation without using these!


Bonus #7

Teach Like a Pro System


You don’t like poor teaching, and neither do your students, that’s why in this bonus you’ll get my step-by-step system for making you a transformational teacher to your current students. If you run bi-weekly or monthly training sessions for your community this will help you design your sessions without any overwhelm and then deliver them so that your students rave about your programs to everyone they know!


And If The Thought Of Writing Dozens Of Emails, Sales Pages And Opt-In Pages In Preparation For Your Next Webinar Makes Your Head Spin…

Then This New Bonus Will Knock Your Socks Off!



Bonus #8

My Complete Plug-And-Play Webinar Funnel


If you’ve wanted to run a webinar…

But the thought of writing dozens of emails and landing pages makes your head hurt.

Then you’re in luck. I’ve got you covered with fill in the blank:

✅ Registrations emails – to get people excited to sign up for your next webinar.

✅ Show up emails – to make sure you’ve got an audience who rocks up on the day of the webinar.

You’ll even have my personal swipe file of proven to convert…

✅ Opt-in pages.

Sales page examples.

✅ And cart open emails.

I’ve left nothing to chance with this bonus. This one bonus alone will save you dozens of hours of painful writing.

All your marketing is taken care of with this bonus.



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