Convert Your Traffic Like Never Before ⭐️ CRO from A to Z

Convert Your Traffic Like Never Before ⭐️ Cro From A To Z

Convert Your Traffic Like Never Before ⭐️ CRO from A to Z

Who is This Book for? ​

This book is beginner-friendly and will suit the following professionals:

  • Digital Marketers/ Growth Hackers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Web Designers
  • UX/ UI specialists
  • User researchers
  • Entrepreneurs with an affinity for website optimization


What Will You Find Inside? ✏️

✅ All the theory you need to get started with CRO
✅ A list of 42 time-tested and effective A/B test ideas
✅ Landing page anatomy
✅ A review of all the tools that you need to launch website experiments
✅ A process for coming up and ranking experiment ideas
✅ How to analyze and interpret experiment data
✅ Common mistakes that you should avoid

Why Should You Buy This Ebook? ⭐

️1) Professional CRO courses and training can cost anywhere between $500 and $5000. That’s a considerable investment compared to $20 which is the price of a restaurant meal. Thus, this ebook is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to tap into conversion rate optimization.

2) Conversion rate optimization is in high demand. Average salary of a CRO specialist in the US is $82,000 (1) per year and in Germany it’s €65,000 (2). That makes it a lucrative career opportunity that’s not going to be stolen by ChatGPT any time soon.

3) CRO will boost all of your marketing efforts. Following best conversion practices will help you to decrease your cost per acquisition and achieve a greater ROI on your marketing expenses.

4) More often than not, business decisions are made following the “gut feeling”, and that’s why most businesses struggle with conversions. Knowing how to run CRO experiments can help you turn “anecdotal evidence” into data-backed decisions that will benefit your business.

5)To this day, CRO remains an underexplored niche within the marketing community that gets much less attention than SEO or paid media. This is actually great because this knowledge can take you a step ahead of other marketers in your field.

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