Dan Kennedy – 43 Secrets To Advertising

Dan Kennedy – 43 Secrets To Advertising

Download 43 Secrets To Advertising By Dan Kennedy

If you struggle to come up with brilliant ideas for your marketing
that’ll cut through the clutter of your marketplace, then this is for you!

Discover 43 Advertising Tactics You Can “Legally Steal” To Easily Create Powerful Sales Messages That’ll Make Your Prospects Buy Now…

Here’s Your Chance To Shamelessly Swipe From The Greatest Moments In
Advertising And Take Your Marketing To The Next Level.

So If You Want More People Saying YES To Your Emails, Postcards, Sales
Letters, Banner Ads, Video Scripts, Facebook Ads, Etc. Then Keep Reading…

Dear Savvy Marketer…
Do You Suffer From “Lame Advertiser’s Syndrome?”
It’s a syndrome where you’re busy rehashing everybody
else’s advertising ideas in your industry—or mindlessly copying your competitors’ promotions and strategies, thinking to yourself that “if they are doing it, then they must be doing something right.”

The problem is that it’s the “blind leading the blind” out there when it comes to marketing their business. Everybody else is copying the same dumb strategies, or rehashing the same ol’ “feature, benefit” argument that everybody else and their dog uses.

Sure, this may have worked 10-25 years ago before the advent of the Internet, social media, and cell phones. However, not only is there more competition out there but your average prospect is getting hammered by advertising messages every day.

According to Yankelovich’s research, the average prospect is being exposed to 5,000 ad messages per day vs. 30 years ago, when the average person saw up to 2,000 ad messages.

There is NOTHING more harmful to influence or income than being lost in a crowd. But the good news is that you can cure your Lame Advertiser’s Syndrome by simply becoming a more interesting and creative advertiser—something that your competition will never “get” because they are too busy copying other people’s ideas.

So If You’re Struggling Differentiating
Yourself From Your Competitors, Or Your
Sales Have Been Limp Or Lifeless In The
Water, Then Keep Reading…

What we’ve done is perform a “deep dive” into 43 of the greatest moments in advertising. This was presented by GKIC founder Dan Kennedy at our recent $1,995 per head GKIC SuperConference.

As you probably know, Dan has 40+ years of marketing
experience and has been “behind the scenes” of the biggest launches in history. One company paid him $2 million a couple of years back to “pick his brain” and create a campaign for them.

He went through 43 examples of great advertising that were steps above the “feature-benefit” school of advertising—you know, where you talk about your product, list the top 5 features, and then translate those features into benefits badly.

The best part: he not only showed the ads, but he went into what’s unique about that particular “school of advertising” so that the attendees can use these secrets
to take their marketing to the next level.

By the time the seminar was over, every attendee walked away with a “cheat sheet” of killer ideas they could use to create their killer promotions—ideas that they could simply swipe from the greats instead of banging their heads against the wall wondering what to write next.

This is stuff you can easily borrow for your next promotion —
and it will make you a much more compelling and interesting advertiser. That means you’ll boost your chances of hitting a home run every time you go up to bat and create a marketing piece for your business.

Well, the good news is that we decided to take that probative presentation by Dan, and turn it into a “must-have” resource you’ll refer to again and again every time you sit down and create marketing materials for
your business.

Presenting GKIC’s Brand New Dan Kennedy Course:
“43 Secrets”
How To Use The Greatest Moments In Advertising To Drive
Your Marketing To The Next Level

43 Secrets – How To Use The Greatest Moments In Advertising To Drive Your Marketing To The Next Level will teach you how to make your marketing more interesting so you can capture the attention of your target audience.

You’ll get to use these secrets
to craft emails, sales letters, landing pages, postcards, Facebook ads…practically any marketing message in any media to get more people to say “Yes” to working with you—or buying your product.

GKIC Founder Dan Kennedy will take you on a tour of 43 of the most groundbreaking moments in advertising history that you can easily use to create the advertising that cuts through the clutter and makes you stand out from the rest of the pack.

For example, you’ll discover the #1 advertising secret that Keurig used to practically replace run-of-the-mill coffee machines—to the point that almost every home, office, or hotel room has a Keurig coffee maker.
Nope, They Didn’t Just List “Features And Benefits” And Call It A Day
They used a small advertising tactic that you can easily modify for your own business. Just take 5 minutes to “swipe” this idea and now you know what to write for your next marketing piece.

You’ll also discover the secret that MTV used to spread like wildfire to households in the late ’80’s—a secret that many skilled GKIC members use in every ad campaign to cut through the fray and get their prospect’s attention.

You’ll also get 207 more pages of examples from advertising greats like Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins, John Carlton, John Caples, Robert Collier, Max Sackheim, and, of course, GKIC Founder Dan Kennedy himself.

We’ve Already Done Most Of The “Hard Work” For You – Just Copy For You Own Promotions And Profits
Listen: you’re bound to find something that you can borrow or swipe for your marketing amongst the 43 examples you’ll find in this course—which sure beats “guessing” or racking your brain trying to come up with advertising ideas yourself.

The best part: all of the advertising secrets you’ll discover in 43 Secrets are easily transferrable from industry to industry – even for “ordinary” businesses such as carpet cleaning, windshield repair outlets, clothing stores, doctors, lawyers, plumbers… you name it.

Why? Because human nature is the same from industry to industry—from niche to niche. Everybody reacts to the same psychological triggers that motivate them to whip out their wallets and buy.

Here, thanks to 43 Secrets, you can shortcut years of trial, error, and testing trying to figure out what copywriting angles and appeals work. Plus the amount of money you would spend would be obscene if you don’t have some kind of a “head start” when sitting down to create your marketing materials.

Imagine NEVER Having To Rack Your Brain Trying To Come Up With Copy Angles, Promotion Ideas,
“Hooks” Ect.

And think about what it would feel like to write winner after winner when you sit down and write an ad. We cannot predict how each ad will perform when you use 43 Secrets to take your marketing to the next level—but we know that you’ll hit more “home runs” than you would without this valuable resource.

You’ll be able to create a promotion with ease vs. constantly struggling with what to say or write—which is what 95% of writers have to endure when they sit down at the computer to write a promotion.

Why? Because once you come up with the “hook” for your next ad—writing it is pretty darn simple. You’re able to sit down, write your first draft in one fell swoop, and perhaps go back to edit and tweak if necessary.

This sure beats hemming and hawing over every word, beating yourself up as you keep staring at the blinking cursor wondering what to write next.

Plus the different “schools of advertising” you’ll discover in 43 Secrets have been used time and time again by advertisers through many decades. For example, the copy angle that Listerine used to capture prospects’ attention worked in 1922—and can easily be borrowed and copied today!

In other words, you’re going to get a timeless tome of advertising secrets that’ll last throughout your wealth-building career. These 43 secrets will be as good today as they will 10-20 years from now, because (guess what) human nature doesn’t change.

That means you’re getting a set of “tried and true” ideas you can swipe, borrow and deploy for your next promotion. That boosts your chances of writing a winning ad…vs. trying to muddle through it all without some kind of a fail-safe starting point.

If you let it, 43 Secrets will become a part of your arsenal of “weapons of mass persuasion” you can fire off at will to create killer promotion after killer promotion that confounds your competitors.
The Best Part Is…
You Only Need To Make A Couple More Sales, Otherwise, You Wouldn’t Have Gotten To Make 43 Secrets Worth The Investment.
Listen, these are the same advertising secrets GKIC founder Dan Kennedy uses to get paid over 2 million dollars per year, year after year, for advice on copywriting and marketing part-time.

He has had 40+ years’ worth of successes under his belt—including turning a $100,000 “kitchen table” business into a $40 million training company with two training centers, hundreds of trainers in the field, 12 revenue streams, and a 35% bottom line.

Considering that he gets paid $3,000/hour for consulting, $19,000/day for a whole consulting day, and people pay him $100,000 for a sales letter, the advertising tactics he revealed in “43 Secrets” is worth at least $2,000.

Because, if you think about it and run the numbers, $2,000 is a drop in the bucket considering that you could hit a home run and create an ad that brings in 5-6 figures for your business. Now that’s a nice return on your investment!

But you won’t have to pay $2,000. You won’t have to pay $1,000…which is still less than what people paid to attend the GKIC SuperConference last year.

When you take action today, you can grab your copy of GKIC’s Brand New Dan Kennedy Course, 43 Secrets – How To Use The Greatest Moments In Advertising To Drive Your Marketing To The Next Level for
ONLY $797.

This is an investment you can easily recoup by getting just a handful more sales than you would have otherwise missed out on if you made the foolish mistake to pass this up.

If you’re a chiropractor, you only need one extra patient. If you’re a roofer, you only need one extra customer. And, even if you own a coffee shop, you only need to sell 10-15 extra lattes to make this investment worthwhile.

Not only that, but 43 Secrets will save you a lot of time and headache when you sit down and write your next ad. I mean, how much is your time worth, anyway? $100/hr? $200/hr?

Add it all up, and you could get your investment back in time savings when you sit down to write your next ad.

The Best Part Is…
You’re Backed Up By Our Ironclad Guarantee:

You have 60-days to examine everything, use what you wish, and if, for any reason or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked.

You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, we are devoted to helping small businesses, and working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to profit, we would prefer to buy it back.

So there’s no way you can make a mistake here.
You’ll NEVER Have To Experience This Headache Again When Creating Your Next Ad:

You know what happens every time you sit down to write an ad. You come up with the same ol’ typical “feature, benefit” argument and pose some lame argument as to why you’re better than your competition.

Either that or you’re racking your brain trying to come up with ideas for the headline, body copy, closes…you name it. You’d rather be taking a walk or watching television (even getting a root canal) than writing that ad for your business.

43 Secrets will be your cure for “Lame Advertiser Syndrome” and your secret weapon for creating interesting advertising captures the attention of your target audience, and gets them to buy now.

So, which is it going to be? Are you going to mindlessly copy your competitor’s lame ads—making the same dumb mistakes?

Or are you going to step above the fray, make “Lame Advertiser’s Syndrome” history, and get an “unfair advantage” over your competition thanks to this invaluable collection?

Listen: just one good ad could be the breakthrough you need to build a bigger business. It’s an asset that you can use time and time again—perhaps for several years if you’re lucky. Get one of these rights, and you could be sitting pretty for a very long time.

43 Secrets is going to give you the ammunition that you need to create killer ad after killer ad using time-tested and PROVEN copy angles that there is no way you could ever think of all by yourself.

The best part is that creating killer advertising over and over again thanks to that collection forever FREES you up from trying to mess around with different lead sources to “make up” for an ad that’s not converting well. So if you’re tired of blowing your ad budget driving Leads to an ad that’s making “heartbreak profits”—and you know you could be doing better than you need to invest today.

You don’t need to go at it alone. And you don’t need to start from scratch.

Invest in GKIC’s Brand New Dan Kennedy Course, 43 Secrets – How To Use The Greatest Moments In Advertising To Drive Your Marketing To The Next Level today and get an “unfair advantage” over your competition.

What Others Are Saying…

“I finally understand how to target the right prospects through my marketing. After over 5 years of being a GKIC member, I am continually astounded by both the variety of business concepts and ideas presented. I can truly say that I get ‘at least’ one money-making idea from each issue of the No B.S. Marketing Letter and audio CD. At first I thought there was too much stuff… now, I can’t get enough. Sometimes I can’t get to it all because I’m so busy in my practice, but you don’t have to. I implement what I can and eventually everything comes together. And my best and most successful marketing ideas are derived from examples taken from a completely unrelated industry and then adapted to my dental practice. Now … working ‘on’ my business has taken on a new meaning and it has become the most
important part of my day.”
– Dr. Chris Bowman, Charlotte NC

“Dan Kennedy’s and GKIC’s teachings have been instrumental to the overall long term success of our business for over 15+ years. I hate to think where we’d be without them!”
– Andrew Wroblewski, Your ProfitWeb, Inc.

“When I discovered GKIC & Dan Kennedy’s materials…I immediately became a
“convert.” I’m so glad I did… since then, these time-tested, proven, no-holds-barred advice has helped me more than QUADRUPLE my business. In fact, last year I easily brought in over $1,000,000.00 (yes, one million dollars) using these marketing strategies! I’m having a ton more fun in my business now too. You definitely want to take advantage of these programs — you’ll be so glad you did as soon as you get into the materials.”
– Alexandria K. Brown

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