Dan Kennedy – Renegade Millionaire 2.0

Dan Kennedy – Renegade Millionaire 2.0

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If I’m Right About You and know you as I believe I do, you often feel like the Odd Man (or Woman) Out. This Letter is about my convening a UNIQUE program only for the likes of us.
“Normal” people are NOT welcome.
We are an ‘underground.’
Radicals. Heretics.

We are typically viewed by many peers as barbarians. Or fools. They judge what they see us doing – what of it we let them see – as so out of whack with the norms they conform to, that we scare them, annoy them, even enrage them. Mystify them. They scoff, laugh, ridicule. Sometimes they demand we be brought to heel by some Authority. We are at odds with much of our industry or profession. And it doesn’t stop there. Were often disapproved of by family and friends. Demonized in media. CONSPIRED AGAINST.

Rather than be cowed by it, we see criticism, resistance, and opposition as encouragement. I know that I am on the right track when a majority scream ‘n squeal. This is a Core Concept for me.

This isn’t just about ‘immunity to criticism’ – although that’s important. I’m talking about a level above and beyond that were even fewer dare tread: reveling in it. Using it as a barometer. A predictive measure. Walt Disney once said that he was never frightened unless a majority of his people or any group instantly liked his idea. He hoped for skepticism. If you are often acting – and having to act in opposition to the ideas of “proper-ness” of those around you, and you have to fight seepage of their small, timid, and average thinking into your head… Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is for you.

Often, it’s the guy first laughed out of the room that winds up owning the whole place. I’ve lived it for 40+ years, and I’ve witnessed it over and over again. It takes BRASS BALLS to disregard and override an entrenched, well-defended status-quo of any kind. Lots of people give lip service to it and like labeling themselves Renegades, but most are all bark and no bite. Not LIVING IT. I’m now looking for entrepreneurs who are DEEPLY COMMITTED to Renegade-ism.

Of course, you have to carefully pick such battles, but once you do, you need both the determination and the methodology for succeeding against all obstacles and opposition. Just for example, do you know the most effective way to gain acceptance for a radical idea; to break through the “we’ve never done it that way before’ wall? One of the stories I’ll tell you in Renegade Millionaire 2.0, is a little-known story of the Disney movie no one there wanted to make, its opposition, how an OK to do it was obtained, and how it defied a long-standing Walt practice and altered the course of the company forever, for the good. Fast-forward to today’s venture capital market where the same method has been used to get billions poured into dozens and dozens of start-ups, all built around one bad idea, all failing.

I imagine you are recognizing the rising level of difficulty surrounding you and your business, manifesting in so many different ways. And the chorus that grows louder, with “why can’t you do thinks like everybody else does and be normal?” – this, specifically applied to your thinking and beliefs, your demands of others, your advertising and marketing, your business practices, your ambition and more. This makes you and me Kindred Spirits. Activists are against the mundane and mediocre, the ordinary in anything, but especially in results. And, my unorthodox methods DO get results.

Renegade Millionaires overcome Opposition Forces many times during their careers. You don’t get to do it once, then never face the same kind of opposition again.
There is no “lifetime pass”. This is something you have to get good at.
And like. Thrive on. It is mindset and skill-set. It is an overall “approach” to adopt, adapt and apply. This has never been more necessary.
This Letter tells you why – and why Renegade Millionaire 2.0, now. It is an invitation to a NEXT-LEVEL of autonomy and accomplishment. A deeper dig into critical concepts with me, than ever before. Please read about it and consider its potential importance to you. My Underground Resistance Movement and your decision is required NOW. I can’t conscript you, although I would if I could. There’s no draft; you have to volunteer. But if I could, I would reach right into your pocket, open your wallet, take your credit card and get you registered immediately, because I believe what you will learn in Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is that important for you. Follows, the best I can do for you…..

A dozen years ago. U.S. Presidents have gone and come. Long viable products, businesses, and iconic brands believed permanent have left the market, relegated to history’s dumpster, and entirely new businesses, as well as new products, services, money streams, and media, have risen. Online, Myspace died, Yahoo is dying. 9+ years within those 12 of near-zero interest have fundamentally changed the American economy. A new war with terrorism has changed the world. What next? – a giant meteor crashing into the earth?

A lot has changed in the worlds of business, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing. There are new threats to prosperity, autonomy, and security. There are new opportunities. New media. New ways to apply those most powerful Renegade Millionaire strategies. Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is, if anything, over-due. I have a great deal to say about Renegade Millionaire-ing now that I did not have available to me to say 12 years back. And I have new, current, important predictions to make and directions to offer, to move confidentially to the future.

Of course, a lot of the most celebrated “new” is revealing itself to be a facade in front of illusion and delusion. Sorting out the viable and useful from the fools’ gold is no easy matter. You are daily assaulted, bombarded, distracted, pulled hither and on. Much of what was purported to simplify and speed accomplishment has complicated and slowed it. It is ever more important to have absolute governing principles – itself a Renegade idea in opposition to the rising popularity of uncertainty and flexibility, the rising pressure to let yourself be tossed about by the winds. It is ever more important to have the discipline to ignore many things and focus on a few.

… A Lot Has Not Changed – In Terms Of Principles And Strategies, About Which Uncompromising Clarity Of Thought And Stiffened Spine Are Urgently Needed.
It is against this backdrop that I step up now, to tackle the biggest of the big questions: WHAT WORKS. What to focus on in every aspect of success – and what to ignore and leave to others. There is good reason to re-visit my Renegade Millionaire work. Up-date. Expand on. Dig deeper.

So: now I will present….

Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is one of my most popular pieces of training ever. And this will be the last time I ever address it. This will be the tour de force. The magnum opus. Its ambition is to synthesize and synchronize ALL my work having to with Renegade-ism, spanning all the years, the hundreds of hours of prior presentations – some recorded, some not, the intimate work applying these strategies with clients to diverse businesses that then wildly out-perform their industry’s norms, the thousands of pages of information….. all into one epic, intense ‘adventure’ attacking convention and compromise, confinement and limitations, the concession of any kind. It should be instantly obvious that Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is NOT a ‘mass entertainment.’ It takes a certain militancy about one’s ambitions, individuality, and autonomy to be a Renegade Entrepreneur. We are gathering to make ourselves gods and kings of our kingdoms! Such a thing is a radical idea, uncomfortable to many, resisted mightily by many. There is a massive accelerated move afoot against exceptionalism, in favor of egalitarianism. It pressures from every direction.

I am reviewing all the Renegade Millionaire recordings, notes, etc. myself to choose the points to expound on. Beyond that, I’m drawing from “case files” of hands-on work with clients Renegade-sizing various aspects of their businesses, sometimes against considerable internal or external opposition. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Information is one thing, but seeing its real-world, against-resistance application is much more “spine-tingling” and provocative. And, better from businesses on Planet Dan, and from businesses you never even knew existed than the most common references – Disney, Starbucks, Apple.

Do you remember the TV show, THE BIONIC MAN, starring Lee Majors? At its opening, it talked about “re-building” the lead character to be quicker thinking, stronger, faster, more able to withstand any danger or foe. I forget the exact words used, but that was the gist of it. That’s what I want Renegade Millionaire 2.0 to do for you. And more. I want you more able to withstand the opposition to exceptional achievement, and I want you empowered to accomplish more of what you want to do, faster and more certainly. “Bionic”, incidentally, is a word with its origins in the 1960s, a short history for language. It means: having ordinary human powers greatly increased and enhanced.

Also in the 60′ s, “cybernetics” captured interest, and the original Psycho-Cybernetics book by Dr. Maltz (which I later up-dated as The New Psycho-Cybernetics with Dr. Maltz) was a monster bestseller, going on to top 30-million copies sold worldwide, in all editions. Maltz wrote about the methodology for “locking on” a human’ s progress toward a goal in the same way a programmed missile could be “locked on” to a target, so that, even as it might have to zig-zag around obstacles, it would not be dissuaded from its purpose and would hit its target, no matter what.

That same cybernetic missile technology now powers the little self-driving Roomba vacuum cleaners, by the way. Humans too often try doing this purely by conscious-mind willpower and determination, which, while vital, is, itself, a failure 9 out of 10 times. Renegade Millionaire 2.0 fully integrates cybernetic science, the minds, the psychology of achievement against opposition with practical, pragmatic business strategies and tactics. Let me get into this by sharing the incident that ignited my interest in re-visiting and re-booting Renegade Millionaire …

“What Happened To Me?” – He Asked, Ruefully.
A client with me for several years, who has grown his business from tiny to gigantic in that time, said to me recently, “It seems like I was a bold, audacious, apple-cart-upsetting, fiery renegade when I went to bed one night, then I woke up the next day as the shockingly timid CEO of a large enterprise, worried about our image and what many different groups thought of us … even bullied by my employees. I feel like I’m being pulled in a dozen different directions. My thinking is in a fog, uncertain, and I am less decisive than I used to be. I was sure of myself, and I was ferocious in making things happen my way, and that paid off. Now I’m not. How the hell did this happen?”

He went on to say that, using my language, he felt his entire business had become “creatively constipated and that he had changed from lion king to cowardly lion. He wondered how the business might be given an enema. How the lion might get his roar back.

This conversation is what started me thinking about Renegade Millionaire 2.0.

Of course, this did NOT happen to him overnight. RUST does not instantly encrust. It takes over little by little. Successful entrepreneurs don’t surrender. They are compromised, a concession made here, another there. Control is diluted. Certainty is weakened a little bit at a time. I have seen this happen to many. Where once existed piercing clarity and sharp focus, confusion, and surrender to consensus take over. Where once speed ruled, slowly takes over. Person, place, or entity loses its way.

This ultimately creates a ‘vacuum of power’, and vacuums are always filled. In business, often, by “killer” competition. This, for example, is exactly how Sears and J.C. Penney’s lost their market to Kohl’s and Target, and how Holiday Inns and Howard Johnson’s lost their hold on their market. If that pre-dates you, Holiday Inn and Howard Johnson’s were once the pre-eminent, dominant owners of the mid-range, mid-budget business travel AND road-trip vacation markets. In politics, these ‘vacuums of power’ get filled too. Arguably, Trump’s very existence and, on its face, highly improbable, essentially hostile takeover of the Republican presidential nomination was possible only because the Republican Party so badly lost its way, and confusion replaced clarity, paralysis replaced vibrant action.

(By the way, just as a historical footnote, in 1972, Senator George McGovern faced off against a Stop-McGovern cabal in his party, an Anybody-But-McGovern movement, and attempt to unbind committed delegates at the Democrat national convention. All winds return blow again.)

This ‘loss of power’ happened to my client gradually. Sneakily. By lots of subtle pressures, delegations of authority, compromises. A wearing down. Weight after weight added. ‘The fog of war.’ In subsequent backward tracking of what went on there, in-depth conversations with him and others at his company, and factoring in observations I’ve made about this same regressive metamorphosis in other businesses, I’ve identified 17 DISEMBOWELING DEVELOPMENTS that turn Renegade Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires into cowed, cowardly, creatively constipated, compromised conformists -killing the primal energy that raised them in the first place.

And, even “successful” entrepreneurs with big incomes can be softened, weakened, and confused. Just because you are banking big profits now is absolutely NO guarantee it continues. When I interviewed him, Tom Monaghan, founder of Dominos Pizza, talked about how he went from Genius Wunderkind Who Could Do No Wrong to Village Idiot Who Couldn’t Do Anything Right, virtually overnight. To paraphrase Franklin, your success is yours -IF you can keep it.

This is critical. There is, in fact, primal energy that makes an individual stand out from the crowd, magnetically attract favorable attention and cooperation, and opportunity, facilitate necessary influence, and stoke confidence and creativity. There is, in fact, primal energy that makes a business rise, shine, thrive; powerful against competitive and opposition forces, attractive to customers and patrons. This energy emanates outward from its center and, in a closed-loop or “boomerang effect” brings power to the person and business. This is the secret that explains why two seemingly identical people or businesses doing seemingly identical things get vastly different results. It is the answer to a frustrated Universal Studios theme park V.P.’s querulous conversation with a client of mine, in which he said they were doing everything that Disney was doing, yet still getting woefully poorer results. They might be doing the same things the same way, but their energy is different. This primal energy can be diluted, damaged, drained away without you quite realizing what is happening, leaving you a Superman who has been sleeping near concealed Kryptonite ever so slowly weakening you until one day you can’t seem to even get out of bed. I have painstakingly identified and documented SEVENTEEN ways this destruction occurs for a person or company …
These can be alertly and militantly fought off, prevented. They can provide a competitive advantage if you find them in your competitors and exploit them. They can even be ripped out, and reversed. Each is the ultimate double-edged sword; double-­sided coin; danger and opportunity. These 17 malignancies affect you, the individual, and the team or organization alike.

A key part of the Renegade Millionaire 2.0 discussion I want to have with you is about these 17. What they are. How they begin, grow, spread, and gradually wrest control and overshadow. How they slow everything down. How they cloud the mind, so that arguably the most important asset an_entrepreneur can have -clarity- is impaired.

The opposite of these 17 malignant, cancerous, strength-draining conditions is the power sources of Renegade Millionaire and Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs. The power sources can be invigorated. Their power multiplied. This is how the businesses I work closely with out-perform their peer and industry norms by multiples. For example, consider the owner of retail stores making 300% more net profit than his peers and competitors. The professional practices owner banking double the profit his peers get from the same revenue and doing it with a handful of smoothly running offices to boot. Another practitioner successfully sold his ‘program’ at $8,000.00, while the norm in his profession for the services is $1,000.00. 8X. A marketer of an “ordinary commodity” successfully selling at 10-TIMES the price of competing products on store shelves everywhere, and raising that business from ‘idea’ to multi-million dollar fortune, and keeping it steaming along for nearly 20 consecutive years. These are all ACTUAL CLIENT SITUATIONS, crafted by leveraging different of the 17 power sources. And they are but a few of many.

Consider me: routinely getting 6-figure fees for work vast numbers of pro copywriters do for 50% or 75% less. I charged a $19,400 consulting fee for the initial meeting against the industry norm of free. I require virtually everybody to come to me while the industry norm is ‘road warrior’ and Hilton Inns at airports. In speaking, NEVER use a speaker’s bureau, while most others cower before them. In writing, as a book author, getting paid at least three different ways for each book vs. just-about every other author paid only one way. Do you think any of this is a happy accident?

In 5 different professional fields, I have defied the ‘rule of law’, the Establishments; the norms; the normal results – with impunity, by design. I HAVE “MORAL AUTHORITY TO SPEAK ON THIS AS NO ONE ELSE HAS.
Getting great, great, great clarity about and re-committing to those 17 can suddenly unleash an enormous amount of energy in you and in your business that has been put to sleep.
The deep dive into these 17 is certain to also reveal opportunities you haven’t seen. I am constantly opening even very smart and successful clients’ eyes to ‘opportunities they never knew existed, waiting to be triggered, inside their existing businesses or launched from them. At a recent Titanium meeting*, I put a very smart entrepreneur INTO STUNNED SILENCE with facts about an income opportunity inherent (but latent) in his business, worth at least 3X to 5X what the net of the entire business is, as-is. At the next meeting, I am going to propose a collaborative effort by the entire group to capitalize on this. I have a client I took a single, relatively simple strategy to, moved from one field of business to their different one, “plus-ing” what they were already doing successfully, and it has paid them over $100-million, so far. (I’ll tell you the details of this one at RM2.0. It has the potential to convert many different kinds of businesses from vulnerable or fragile to invulnerable.)

These kinds of opportunities are already present, not to be invented. They are concealed, not imagined. When the fog clears, they can be seen. Each of my “17” in Renegade Millionaire 2.0 carries the possibility of sudden, dramatic clarity about such a prime, pregnant opportunity in your business. All 17 combined have near certainty of revealing at least one such opportunity!

The micro applications of these 17 can easily produce new, added income far, far over the investment in attending, but the ‘bigger picture’ is more the reason to invest …
What Will You Let Happen To Whatever You Have Left?
Better Seize This Day.
You may have seen me do a version of the life span/ years left illustration before. If you’re male, the average is 72. If you’re in good health and optimistic, make it 79. Deduct your current age. Nothing is guaranteed, but that’s a reasonable number to think about. For me, that number is a paltry, alarming 17 years left. Whatever your Number is, it is the reason to invest. To do what you just won’t do at home by yourself, for yourself: Stop. Think. Assess. Determine if things are moving along as you want them to, and if not, what to do about it, now -so you don’t wake up one morning like my client and say, “How the hell did this happen?”

You’d better seize this day. Your supply of them is dwindling and, as far as we know, can’t be re-stocked. And even that might abruptly end. The famous running-for-health guy, Jim Fixx, was, as I recalled, struck dead while jogging. My friend Fred Catona, killed by his truck in his driveway. A whole lot of folks were probably spending a day dealing with people they didn’t like, re-solving the same boring problem yet again, conforming in ways they found depressing, the day the terrorists flew smack into their office towers and killed them in balls of flames. You’d better seize this day.

There’s another, pragmatic, business reason to dig into Renegade Millionaire subjects with me, whether you have before or not; whether you have gone through the original System and other Renegade Millionaire products or not. That reason is being on the right side of the Accelerating Death & Destruction of Business. And it is broad and dangerous and accelerating. Almost every field is facing assaults: government interference, the amazon factor, commoditization, shrinkage of eligible customers, and on and on. THERE ARE ONLY FOUR OPPORTUNITY-BASED METHODS TO MAKE A BUSINESS “SUPER-SUSTAINABLE”, virtually impervious to evolutionary disintegration or revolutionary ruin. Very few entrepreneurs or marketers really, deeply understand these 4, let alone live by them … as evidenced by the constant death and destruction of once-thriving businesses and even iconic brands. My dissertation just on this at RM2.0 is worth many times the price of admission!
Super-Sustainability Factors …
Of course, nobody thinks their house will catch fire or be burgled or their kid will get hooked on drugs or join ISIS via Facebook; these things happen only to other families. Nobody thinks their business could go from prosperity to crisis at sudden, lightning speed. It happens only to other (“mismanaged”) companies. Well, I personally, intimately sat in the back seat along for the ride, watching my father’s ultra-successful business and our family’s prosperity be destroyed and collapse at seemingly sudden, dramatic speed. Like having a hole shockingly open beneath our feet. Unfortunately, that business had none of the four sustainability factors baked into it. One day I had Rich Dad; a few months later I had Poor Dad.

If you’ve never gone from top of the world to underwater, from high income to no income, from confidence to fear and shame, from rich to poor to broke, I do not recommend the experience. I learned a lot from it, but it’s a very expensive and brutally painful education. Most never recover from it either. My father did not, despite having enormous reservoirs of talent, skill, and character.

I promise you, if you do not” own” at least one of these four super-sustainability factors, you are at moment by moment in peril. And even though there will be predictive signs of your coming doom, you won’t see them. There are always warnings, by the way. The 2nd Pearl Harbor; the 9-11 attacks on our homeland were preceded by a series of warnings stacking through the Clinton years, not dots­ connected, not taken seriously by “smartest people in the room.” The 2008 financial crash was much forewarned, as is a brewing duplicate of it.

In prosperous businesses and individuals’ careers, it’s even harder to see and hear the warnings. In Renegade Millionaire 2.0, I lay them out with absolute clarity and layout the four choices for protecting self, enterprises, and fortunes against them.

In 2015, for the first time, there were more business closings than start-ups. A study of all additional Obamacare, minimum wage, etc. costs coming by the National Restaurant Association forecasts an increase in labor cost, from the bottom all the way up a company’s hierarchy, of 40% over 24 months. We are in the midst of a Middle Class Consumer GENOCIDE that will, by its end, take at least half of them out. Discretionary money is being forcibly concentrated into fewer and fewer categories of spending – for example, health insurance premium and deductibles rose 20% last year and are set to raise by 30%+ this year and next. That takes money away from other categories and moves it to health insurance. There is a Silicon Valley “bubble” and a sub-rime auto lending “bubble”*, very likely to bring us a market “correction” of 3,000 to 5,000. Stand still, turn very slowly around in a circle: you are surrounded by threats to your income, its sources and the way you receive it. RADICAL changes are going to be UNAVOIDABLE, if you are to survive the trans-generational shifts in markets, spending, redistribution of money, changes in responsiveness to media, consolidation of many industries.

Think of this as a giant, gaping canyon opening up in your industry or profession, the solid ground collapsing into a fiery pit. A few will run and leap and make it to the other side, where there is new, solid ground, and a fast path to safe1y higher ground. The majority will be trapped on the side that is eroding and collapsing and disappearing into the fiery pit. They will slide and fall in, themselves disappearing. This is already happening. I’ve tracked over 60 different business, service and professional categories with shrinking numbers, at least in the U.S. – many with shrinkage of 10% to 30% over just the past 5 years. That’s ground disappearing. At 10% a year, in 5 more years, no survivors at all. And in many, the pace isn’t slowing; it’s accelerating or predictably poised to accelerate.

If you stand with most in your field … if you do things the way most in your field do them – trying only to be incrementally better … if you are slow to radically, dynamically, creatively change, move, reinvent – it’s the fiery pit for you.

Renegade-ism isn’t an option now. It’s a vital necessity.
This, I think, makes a re-examination of what true Renegade-ism is, how it works, how to create and trigger it, and how to keep re-triggering it – The most important thing I can do with you this year. This can’t just be about “mechanics” – things to do and the 1-2-3, A-B-C instructions for doing them. This has to be about your PERSONAL READINESS to act, creatively, boldly, aggressively to protect what you’ve built so far and to leap up, over the crowd, and forward. To STAND ABOVE AND APART.

For example, I have a client who owns three particular kinds of retail stores in a shrinking category of retail commerce. Peers and competitors are dying … fighting a losing battle with a few corporate bullies who are literally “beating them up and taking their lunch money.” In the past 3 years, he has literally invented four different, very Renegade-ish businesses within his business – which, in 2015, ADDED $415,000.00 IN NET to a $2-million business with NO added staff or overhead. That likely doubles this year.

Hear this, loud ‘n clear: his breakthrough business plans; these schemes are undeniably ingenious and courageous, and instantly controversial in his field. But it is HIS READINESS FOR SUCH IDEAS TO EMERGE AND HIS CAPABILITY FOR ACTING ON THEM that produced that $415,000.00. Please do NOT discount this. Not the ideas themselves. In fact, I assure you, many others had the same ideas. Many more saw them being experimented with. But nobody else was ready to embrace them, develop them and act on them.

A lot of people will invest in new tools, equipment and ‘mechanics’ but refuse to invest in themselves – and that is this 2.0, decision in a nutshell: do you think enough of yourself, and do you grasp the import of enhanced PERSONAL readiness and capability-to-act to join me and invest?

A Warning About
“If you are going to bother to think, you might as well think big,” so says Donald Trump. When Gene Simmons spoke at the GKIC SuperConference, he objected to the term “small business” – wondering aloud why anybody would agree to wear the “small” label. Actually, there are a lot of often convergent influences, individuals, entities and forces that work hard at keeping you thinking, creating, and earning small. It is all part of the New War Against Exceptionalism, to which you must be a conscientious objector.

Zig spoke about “stinkin’ thinkin’.” One variation is “shrinking thinking.” Everyday, somebody is trying to reign you in. Slow you down. Urging their idea of ‘be realistic’ on you. In Renegade Millionaire 2.0, it’s think big or stay home. I am now easily bored. I have zero interest in talking about ways of tightening screws and oiling hinges to make things work n little better or make n little more money. If you have little interest in hearing such things, and would rather do something EPIC, then Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is for you.

Yes, I said: epic. Meaning: heroic. Grand. Monumental. Miltonian. John Milton (1608-1674), the English poet, completed his three major works – including Paradise Lost – after he had gone blind. He put himself to a task hardly anybody else would have, or would have considered possible or rational. (There was no app to dictate into.) Assuredly, family and friends tried to reign him in, counsel reasonableness, urge accepting his limitations. And they were all, however well-intentioned, enemies of his personal exceptionalism. (To be victorious, one must never be blind to one’s enemies!)

I, fortunately, have worked with a lot of people over the years who fought these forces-that-would-keep-you-small, nnd won, and I profited and learned a lot by standing right beside them during the battles. Few people ever get the opportunity I’ve had, to be in trenches with so many Renegade Millionaires. My ambition for Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is to synthesize and synchronize all that actual experience (NOT theory) into pragmatic, practical, actionable strategies and, more, super clarity … about What REALLY Works. But not just to do incremental things. To unleash incredible achievement.

I have clients who have started businesses with virtually nothing and built companies generating $SO-million, $100-million, even $1-billion a year in diverse fields. I, of course, did something in my field that has never been done by anybody else with the arguable exception of Dale Carnegie; you know it now as GKIC. I have also watched many people stumble and surrender to forces set on keeping them small. I understand the winners and the losers in this war.
It is a war.
It is not just a war over money. Being “big” doesn’t just mean wealthy. It means powerful. Able to control your affairs. Rejecting efforts to control you – your thoughts and your emotions; your business decisions; your business methods and practices; your time; your money; your life. This is not an easy thing. You have to stiffen your spine daily. You have to recognize ‘intimidation’ in all its guises and fend it off when it first appears.

When I first assembled the original Renegade Millionaire System, I thought of it as a weapons cache, an arsenal, for winning this war. For withstanding the relentless assault from many directions meant to intimidate, shame, reign in, and make one conform to ‘the way things are supposed to be done’; to NOT be “too big for your britches.” I also thought of it as a “truth kit”, presenting what people who make themselves Big do and do very differently than everybody else, to the distress of just about everybody else. I think I succeeded at this, yet I know I did not drill down as deep as can be, achieving as much absolute clarity as I intended, nor was I emphatic enough. Now I am returning, to finish that job. And I am rock solid certain you will benefit greatly by being present while I do it.
Up against a concerted effort to stop “Individuals Being Big”
But, in the same way that local police departments have had to amp up their weaponry, militarizing a lot, in the face of new, greater, more dangerous forces; in the same way that America and its allies needed to “beef up” and still need to beef up a lot more in the new age of expanded terrorism; in the same way … we now need to make ourselves Stronger, Surer, Tougher, Faster, More Quickly Resilient, More Prescient And Proactive – and more Renegade than ever!

The forces that would keep us small have gotten bigger, stronger, more overt, more determined. We must respond in-kind.

Politics serves as one example. Never before has rm avowed socialist run for President in one of the two major parties’ primaries and been credible and competitive – in Sanders’, case, drawing huge crowds, raising huge sums of money, giving ‘the chosen one’ a good scare, and actually persuading nearly 70% of likely voters between ages 18 and 35 that his inherently evil and utterly discredited philosophy has merit, particularly as a means of, by force of law, knocking people who’ve made themselves Big down to Small. If you shrugged this off as unimportant to you and as a fringe, incidental episode, you are naive. This is not a fad. It is part of a profound societal trend. Society as a whole is increasingly, at accelerated pace giving permission to government, even encouraging government to criminalize success, and to attack and punish those of us who would dare make ourselves Big.

In the past 7 years, two entirely new, giant federal regulatory agencies were created, and over 177,000 pages of new business­ directed regulations produced (with no Congressional oversight), and I could continue and fill pages – but I won’t. The point is: “stop individuals from making themselves Big” has become an overt, obvious purpose of government representing the wishes of at least half the population. Again, this is just one example of the converging forces opposing your ambition and purposes: success, wealth, independence, power. This requires new and different and Renegade strategies. I confess; I have no real answers to the rising societal tides … but …

I do have answers for the individual operating in this environment. I can’t fix the trends or abate the threats. I foresee ‘dark ages’ ahead. But I can help you isolate yourself from it, own your own “island”, your own kingdom, operate apart from it, even profit from it. Every crisis, every crash, every pendulum swing is somebody’s grand opportunity. It has always been so, and always will be. The trick is to be that somebody.

An early mentor put it crassly: there is always a cash register. Most people are always on the wrong side.
DON’T Bring A Swiss-Army Pocket Knife To A Gunfight With A Militarized SWAT Team
(Don’t Be Caught Personally UN-READY or INCAPABLE)
The weapons and weapons-strength that were sufficient for the entrepreneur determined to be Big five, seven, ten, fifteen years back are now under-powered. The strategies and tactics of Renegade Millionaireship and Multi-Millionaireship that served well are no longer strong enough to overcome the opposition. More FORCE is needed. More CLEVERNESS is needed. More SPEED is needed.

When I wrote the book RUTHLESS MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE & PROFITS, I got a lot of flack, blowback and disbelief . It was prescient. More and more entrepreneurs who recoiled when they first read it have lately written to me and told me in person, “thanks”. One of the things Trump started saying early, that some very smart generals and military leaders have somewhat reluctantly since seconded, is that the only approach to stopping the medieval, barbaric, utterly ruthless enemies perpetrating terrorism – especially that aimed at’ soft’ targets – is to be as ruthless, but with overwhelming size and strength of force. I am in full agreement. I don’t think you can afford the luxury of underestimating the size, strength or ruthlessness of the enemies of success and exceptionalism, and I believe you need to combat them most forcefully, with absolute clarity.

To default to cliche, this is Renegade Millionaire on steroids. I am ‘militnrizing’ the Swiss Army knife that was the Renegade Millionaire System. And I’ll be presenting the best new opportunities emerging, ripe for exploitation as a militarized Renegade.

This is – far and away – no ‘ordinary’ program …

By the way, when I said earlier “NO Theory” I mean it. Look, you have a lot of choices of seminars to schlep to. Big, high falutin’ conferences, coaching group lollapaloozas. Star-studded. Some astoundingly expensive – as much as $100,000.00 for three meetings a year. Some that imply everybody there is paying, but, oh, if you only knew. And there are a lot of people spouting theory, giving ‘book reports’, or, at best, dispensing knowledge drawn from just one kind of business as if it were one-size­ fits-all. VERY limited experience. Just ONE claim to fame, often in “once upon a time” territory. I may not offer the most fun. Or sizzle. Or treat you with amenities. But one thing is true here that is rare anywhere else: I speak from VAST AND DEEP AND ‘EXPENSIVE’ EXPERIENCE – PAST AND PRESENT. I am not” dining out” on some claim-to-fame from 20 years ago. I’m not regurgitating plagiarized ideas. I’m up to my elbows in REAL work inside REAL businesses with REAL Renegades, RIGHT NOW.

Beyond that, I am more ruthless than just about anybody, about doing what is required for exceptional success, and about transparency displaying it and explaining it. Most wear masks. I do not. In an interesting book, The Millionaire Fastlane, its author M.J. DeMarco writes about the hypocrisy of gurus, and ‘the paradox of practice’. He asks: what if they are showing you a different plan than the one they are using? – most are.
“Am I Going To ‘Visit A Museum’?” You Worry.
Despite what I just said, you will wonder, if you’re a long-time Planet Dan’er, if there is anything new in this.

Yes and no. In the time elapsed since I first assembled, codified and taught my “system” of Renegade-ism, applied entrepreneurially, to marketing, and personally, a lot has changed and I’ve been waist-deep in a lot of that change, in top clients’ businesses and lives, and in my own. I’ve had 12 more years of experience, and my years are multiplied because of the diversity of business types and sizes and markets and entrepreneurs I deal with. My years are like dog years, about 7 to 1. So, there must be new information, ideas and insights. There is no possible way, given the same subject matter list as can be found in the original Renegade Millionaire System, and given this differently organized list of ‘The 17’, that I could give a redux recital even if I wanted to! The headings on the storyboard used to prepare might be the same, but underneath, a lot will be different and more certain, more advanced and more sophisticated. I could not cheat this, even if I were so inclined, which I am not.

I want you to consider for a minute how many lifted hoods my head is stuck under, inspecting things, figuring things out – how wide and varied and deep my experience translating into Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is:

In the past 2 years alone, I have been paid well over $5-million in consulting, on-going private coaching, and copywriting fees, royalties, and equity, for intimate work with more than 70 different entrepreneurs, direct marketers, and owners of local and global businesses in 26 different categories of products, services and commerce – virtually all of them reinventing in various ways, by prescient recognition of fast­ coming future necessity or by dire urgency and emergency. I’ve had my wits well­ tested. NOBODY, AND I MEAN NOBODY HAS COMPARABLE, CURRENT BATTLEFIELD EXPERIENCE TO DRAW ON. NOBODY HAS THIS MUCH INSIDER KNOWLEDGE FROM THIS MANY DIFFERENT BUSINESSES TO DRAW FROM.

Bluntly, you can pay thousands, to $25,000 a year to more, to hang out with different gurus and their sycophants and followers, and different events and groups have differing value. I speak against none of it. But what you can’t do is find anybody with my breadth and depth of experience.

Anyway, I am mixing a stew of Old & New. So, YES, we will, as I’ve said, be taking another walk down some pathways already head. Yet, YES, we will be blazing new trails and breaking new ground. The object for you is, of course, NEW AND IMPROVED.

You might also wonder: how has it all worked out? Well, all but 2 of these 70 clients continue with me in one way or another as I write this. Many have increased or are increasing their interaction with me, advice from me, work by me. In total, in 2015, specific applications of Renegade strategies in their businesses added over S54-Million to their incomes. There were disappointments and failed efforts. Projects that did not work. And in some cases, valuable information gleaned from those. But the net result of everything is “+$54-million” (that I know of). With several of these clients, I’ve helped create entirely new businesses to plug into or attach to their existing businesses that will be yielding rich harvests for years to come. In two other cases, I presented such plans but had them ignored, procrastinated over or rejected, and if I can do it without naming names.
So, there is NEW. There has to be ‘new.’ How could there not be new? –
with as much as I do, with as many true Renegade entrepreneurs as I do it with?

Still, “new” is an over-blown concern. The real issue shouldn’t be new or old or revolutionary or reinforced, it should be: what works. Clearer, deeper, richer, firmer conviction and commitment to: what works. What works now. What will work in the coming, converging conditions.

What Comes Out Of You Is More Important Than What I Try To Put In.

Nothing I ever do is just about” stuffing in” information or ideas, old or new.
The actionable value mostly arises out of your thinking provoked by my presentations as well as interaction with others present and the energy of the envirornment itself that I create.

Last, let me say that these are unique experiences with me, for several reasons. First, I assign myself the topics, so I’m only talking about things I really want to talk about, feel passionately about, know a hell of a lot about, and feel are of utmost importance. When a guest speaker at others’ events or even at the big, annual GKIC events, I am a guest in another’s house, and if you’ re expected to take your shoes off in the hallway, I generally oblige. In Renegade Millionaire 2.0 I am I completely, totally unfettered and un-careful.

I am NOT, though, reckless, like Hillary with her email (the nicest interpretation of her chicanery). Nothing is presented impromptu, on whim, at random, or – as frankly, many seminar-givers do, just to fill time. But I am un-careful, as nowhere else, in not editing, censoring, gentling, sugar-coating or holding anything back.

On top of that, I had time to fully develop a subject, to hold it up and examine it with you from all angles. Also, I trust these particular audiences – they are mostly made up of very high achievers who do not need to be dealt with gently. Many, many ‘Lifers’. People who otherwise invest in work with me ALSO attend these because they know new “sparks will fly”. This year, 2016, for example, I was honored (and I mean that) to have long-time, on-going private clients like Chris Cardell from the U.K., Jay Geier -owner of the pre-eminent training company in dentistry (a 20+ year client), Titanium Members already spending seven days with me during the year in attendance. It would certainly be understandable if these folks said “enough of Dan”, but they don’t. This is not generous ovation by them – I’m not that loveable. It is absolute affirmation of value received, and certainty there is more to come.

You do experience a different Dan Kennedy than the Dan Kennedy seen on stage anywhere else. And in this particular area, Renegade-ism, I am a beast. I have razor­ sharp thinking about this, zealous convictions about this, eagle-eye clarity about this. I have authentic passion for it. I detest its opposites: timidity, weakness, plodding-ness, appeasement and acquiescence. Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is exactly what I most want to work on over the next months and then deliver – and I do hope YOU will too.

By the way, this is with me. No warm-up acts. No ‘usual suspects’ from the seminar circuits. No selling from the stage.* Intense work with me. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the one place where I am 100% unfettered in what I chose to talk about and how I spoke about it. It is the only place where I’m not asked to “reign it in.”

Everywhere else, in GKIC media, with my books, when speaking at various events owned by others, I’m asked – or told- to be careful … even as, by my timing, I’m less and less inclined to do so.
Why am I “in heat” about this?
To be blunt, I think there’s more B.S. about promulgated than ever. It frankly makes me a little crazy. The internet has produced a veritable tidal wave of bullshit. I’ve been railing against “popular B.S.” from various sources for a long time. The original No B.S. Business Success book was published in 1993. No B.S. Ruthless Management’s first edition much later, in 2009. Throughout, in the books, the newsletters, seminars and speeches, the original Renegade Millionaire System, I have consistently exposed B.S. heaped on people by academics, by peers and peer group authorities, purported “laws” (that aren’t, but are widely accepted), religion, metaphysics, psycho-babble, media, friends, family, and society at large. I certainly have not stemmed this tide, but I know I’ve made a big difference in a great many individuals’ capability of recognizing it for what it is, and in their capability for staving it off personally. You may be one of those individuals. If so, you know what to expect from that aspect of Renegade Millionaire 2.0 (although I’ll still make you gasp). If not, here’s your chance, maybe the last chance to experience it.

Now, I have a sad observation: many of my own peers, in my own fields, and more, a great many of those I don’t know well but who are, one way or another in ‘the guru business’ are making huge contributions to the epic tsunami of B.S. that people are drowning in these days. There’s a New Age of Charlatanism, rivaling that of the turn of the century, magnified and enabled by the internet and cheap online media – unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Bluntly, good people are being confused, distracted, and shorn like sheep, and I find it all embarrassing and obscene. My once proud profession and industry of ‘success education’ has been taken over by grifters. The smoke is dense. I don’t like it. It pisses me off. I’ve even seen otherwise smart and successful clients hooked by one or several of these “promoters” and led into blowing large sums of money and precious time chasing invisible rabbits and mythical pots of gold a the end of imagined rainbows. People’s attention is being cut up into little slivers, focus on What Works destroyed.

There’s a lot of business literature – the magazines; new, “hot” books, TED talks – that I read or listen to, that flat-out shock and stun and dismay me with just how wrong it is. And the B.S. is being peddled in every damn category: advertising, marketing, selling, managing, entrepreneurship, success. Just as example, there have been a number of reported, epic failures with ‘new, enlightened management’ – ­elimination of supervision, elimination of sales commissions, open office environments for collaborative community, etc. – yet, despite the failures, the B.S. peddlers keep selling this crap, and the media keeps glorifying them, so people think it’s real. The biggest restaurant chain in America tried “no tipping” and gave up in 6 months – the customers hated it, revenue fell by a double digit percentage, good employees left, leaving them with the worst. This company nearly destroyed itself with this sick stupidity -but there are, still, “leadership gurus” running around the restaurant industry championing this, and being heralded as great prophets by its media, as if the failed experiment and its facts didn’t exist.

This same insanity is engorging every success subject and category -including advertising, marketing and moneymaking. Tech, of course, is full of it: the vast sums being sucked out of confused entrepreneurs’ pockets by exercises in futility with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc., etc., etc., helped along by invented ‘new metrics’ is really incredible. Of course there are legitimately productive uses for it all, but mostly it’s a big bamboozle Barnum would love. Even fundamental,· personal success methods have been replaced with “happy mythology” more easily sold.

It sickens and angers me. (And I do my best work when I’m pissed off.)

I am especially frustrated with the people promoting B.S. who know better and are cynically exploiting the confusion of the moment. I view Renegade Millionaire 2.0 as the opportunity to Go On The Record, and challenge all the popular fads and scams and intentionally created confusion. I am highly motivated to “set the shit on fire”. It will be impolitic, I can promise you that.

Why should YOU be in heat about this? If there is a legitimate ‘ONE Thing’ that governs your ability to benefit and profit from all other things, I believe it is absolute clarity, a governing system. Renegade Millionaire 2.0 is the place to examine yours and mine, and get greater clarity than you’ve ever had before. From that, I assure you, great things AUTOMATICALLY, ORGANICALLY occurs.

Yep, I just trotted out that unicorn. Automatic. Of course, it is mostly a B.S. idea. What appears to be automatic hardly ever is. What’s sold as automatic never is. In this rare case, however, there is a nearly magical consequence to brilliant clarity. It so cuts through clutter and dysfunction and procrastination and others’ adverse influences, that it does automatically create new opportunity and productivity, and magnetically attracts other clear thinkers with whom mutually beneficial, success accelerating alliances can be made.

So, a synthesis of ‘everything Renegade’, the magnum opus, a path to profound mental clarity, an unleashing of super-powerful primal energy, discovery of new opportunities …
“Good Grief – How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?
SHAME ON YOU FOR EVEN ASKING! You know the most correct answer: nothing, nada, zero – because if it does cost you, it means you dozed while with me and then went home and did nothing; nothing different; nothing new as a result of being with me. If you fear flint, by all means, skip. Sit this one out. Stop reading now.

If you make or seek to make $250,000 a year, this investment is recouped by about a 1.5% increase. If $500,000, only a .75% increase. If $1-Million, only $.38% increase. THINK! Is it even possible to have Renegade Millionaire 2.0 work and not get such a piddly increase? Not boost income by 1% or less?

IF, on the other hand, you boost a $250,000 income by a rather trivial 5%, you get about a 400% RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. Wherever you have money, is it multiplying by FOUR TIMES during the year?

I checked: a super-duper coffee and a pastry at Starbucks takes $10. It cost more just to park your car to go to a baseball game.

Listen, we burn through a ton of $10’s, every day, multiple times a day, and never even think about it – let alone hesitate. You just can’t have angst over this $10 a day. Particularly when it is returned to you by a measly 1 % increase in your income. That money handed over to the barista is gone forever. This money boomerangs. And multiplies. How can you hesitate?

For the record, individual results vary and I am not suggesting any certain, or typical, or average profits by the above statements. I fervently hope you are not ‘average.’ I’m pretty confident you are better than that.

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Listen: each day war is declared on your own personal “Entrepreneurial Battlefield” where you try to get a lot done but are surrounded by people getting little done. I tackle the three challenges you face daily of managing yourself, managing others and finally of managing time itself.

Get a rare look at how I get so much done and how you can too. In Renegade Millionaire Time Management Strategies I share how you can:

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You will receive an actual detailed, micro explanation of how I organize my work, communication and time to get more done in every hour than most people get done all day with specific strategies that yield instantaneous improvement for getting things done.

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You will learn how to get cooperation from the people around you so they facilitate rather than sabotage your productivity.

Adapt these strategies and gain more control, more freedom and more and faster achievement with this collection detailing the Renegade Millionaire Time Management System.

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Jay-Z says: “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” Me too. And you too – whether you think and operate that way yet, consistently or not; it’s time. It’s time for Kingship, for you.

You’re Protect By GKIC’s Ironclad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Your Guarantee: You have 2 full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and if for any reason or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, we are devoted to helping small businesses, and working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to profit from the system, we would prefer to buy it back.

Yes, Dan!
I Want To Join The Underground Resistance Movement And Dig Deep Into These Critical Concepts
Here’s What I’ll Get Digitally Sent To Me:

  • 8 pieces of training from Renegade Millionaire 2.0 complete with audio files and transcripts.
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