Ed Latimore & J.K. Molina – The Templates

Ed Latimore & J.K. Molina – The Templates

The Templates | Over 500 Viral Tweet Templates, Thread Starters and Sales Tweets That Always Work

Ed Latimore &Amp; J.k. Molina – The Templates

An Ed Latimore – JK Molina collab:

Get Triple-Digit Likes and Double-Digit Retweets – PER TWEET

(Even After The 2021 Algorithm Changes)

Introducing The Templates:

Over 500 viral tweet templates, thread starters and sales tweets that just catch fire.

Reverse Engineered by Latimore.

Get paid $2k/mo ghostwriting by Molina (Included FREE with your purchase)

The Algorithm Hates You

And there’s 5 reasons why:

  • You don’t have pronouns in your bio
  • You’re based
  • You’re probably right wing
  • You’re a creator, not a consumer
  • You’re here to make connections and money (more on this below)

AKA you’re not Twitter’s puppet.

It’s not because you don’t comment 82 times a day.

It’s not because your followers don’t like you anymore.

It’s because (and you might not want to hear this)

You’re probably tagged with a big fat mark that says shadowbanned.

(Ever noticed how your engagement is significantly lower since the elections?)

Sales Page:  Download Files Size: 38.9MB

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