Flux Academy – Brand Design Mastery

Flux Academy – Brand Design Mastery

Flux Academy – Brand Design Mastery

Adding branding to your services means creating more value and charging more.

But even though it sounds like a smart business move, you haven’t figured out how to make it work for you.
5Fb23Ea00025Cd62Ff1F0Cef Quiz CheckmarkPotential clients approach you for branding but sales conversations fizzle out because you don’t know how to achieve their business goals, and they can tell.

5Fb23Ea00025Cd62Ff1F0Cef Quiz CheckmarkOr worse, you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to deliver for a branding package so you don’t even attempt to sell it to clients.

5Fb23Ea00025Cd62Ff1F0Cef Quiz CheckmarkAdding branding to your services feels ridiculous (even if you’re already doing it unofficially) because your own branding looks so amateur.

5Fb23Ea00025Cd62Ff1F0Cef Quiz CheckmarkYou know you should be looking for clients but you feel you’re unable to piece together a process that you can follow from start to finish.

5Fb23Ea00025Cd62Ff1F0Cef Quiz CheckmarkEven when a client does pay you to design their brand identity, you get stuck in endless loops of feedback and revisions because they don’t trust you enough.

You don’t want to just muddle through client projects like an amateur.
You want to follow a complete, tried-and-tested roadmap, knowing you aren’t missing or skipping any steps.
You want to work with bigger clients, do what you love full time, and build a stable business.

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