GirlsChase – Charisma in a Bottle

Girlschase – Charisma In A Bottle

GirlsChase – Charisma in a Bottle

Charisma in a Bottle” Gives You A Permanent “Charisma Upgrade” to Transform the Way the World Responds to You in All Areas of Your Life!
There aren’t many social training programs out there that focus on increasing personal Charisma.
Charisma is just such an abstract “Magical” quality most people can’t pin it down.
So most social skills or dating courses revolve around things that are easier to teach.
Like what to say, how to follow up, ways to think, and methods for feeling more confident.
Simple things like that.

With the Wisdom Inside “Charisma In A Bottle” You’ll.

– Use “Emotional contagion” to make other people feel whatever you want them to feel.So you can attract and arouse gorgeous women everyone else wants.While impressing men and inspiring their RESPECT.
– Awaken the Charisma you already have by tapping into what scientists call “The Leadership Profile”.This INFLUENTIAL trait not only turns you into a more engaging and interesting person but allows you to LEAD other people (And get the things you really want in this world).
– Discover why trying too hard to be everyone’s friend hurts your Charisma and makes you look needy.Find out what attention-seeking behaviors turn others offand how you can get more people to like you by talking to them less.
– Create the “Follower Effect” and use it to attract, seduce, network, befriend or even build your own BAND of loyal followers.(If we taught “Cult Game” it would start with this.)
– Learn the power of “Expressiveness” to connect with others on a deeply emotional level.And why the best time to use this with someone is one-on-one (Before you find yourselves in the middle of any groups).”Expressiveness” done right weaves a web no woman will ever want to escape from.
– Receive a list of 26 crucial “Charismatic signals”.Each of which is designed for easy use.And will lead anyone you encounter to perceive you as HIGHLY charismatic.
– Put your fingers on the “Social Status Roadmap” to quickly advance your rank in any group starting from the first moment they “Let you in” (This status boost raises your charisma even MORE by default).
– Find out why people with “Institutional Power” (Teachers, bosses, bouncers, club presidents and others) sometimes feel threatened by Charismatic individuals (Especially men).Plus learn what to do to get on their good sides and enlist them as ALLIES instead of dangerous enemies.
– Choose between “Inspirational Charisma” and “Hypnotic Charisma”.2 very different ways to use personal charm (The inspirational kind is the more ethical.BUT this hypnotic influence can be very, very powerful once you learn to use it with good intentions.)
– See why people don’t need to START with a “Good impression” of you – Here’s how they can instantly change their opinion once you get up close and personal (No more worrying about “Does everybody like me?”).
– Learn how to be a better “Self-monitor”.This critical component to enduring charisma increases self-awareness so you always know if you’re falling back into old “Uncharismatic” ways!.
– Uncover the 4 “Charismatic Archetypes” and discover which is the best manifestation of your true personality. Each archetype attracts a different type of follower or female (Knowing yours allows you to streamline your social life while feeling more comfortable in your own skin).
– How to give people the feeling that you’ll lead them to SUCCESS if they stick with you.And what you MUST DO if they start losing faith along the way.
– Unearth the hidden power of “Stigma Groups”.Bands of outsiders that have given birth to every bad boy political radical and rebel Hollywood star that’s ever captured the public’s imagination.Join the right “Stigma Group” and you’ve got ready-made followers awaiting a Charismatic leader (Yes that means you!).
– Sort your followers into 5 camps.From “Indifferent” to “Fanatical”.Each camp needs a DIFFERENT type of engagement to feel connected and inspired.And with the “8 Leadership Qualities” you’ll make them all devoted followers (Tyranny, sensitivity and masculinity are 3 of the 8 and we dig into all of them in “Charisma in a Bottle”).

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