John D Saunders – Web Design Studio Accelerator 2.0

John D Saunders – Web Design Studio Accelerator 2.0

John D Saunders – Web Design Studio Accelerator 2.0

From freelancer to entrepreneur, The Web design Studio Accelerator shows you how to run and scale a successful web design studio. If you’re looking for another outdated “guru” course, this ain’t it.

Imagine opening your accounting and seeing…

Gross Profit $678,495.14 USD

Would results like that change your life?

Listen, I never thought it was possible, believe me. Launching a web design studio has given my wife, son and I something that so many of us dream of…financial freedom and the HOPE of generational wealth.

I never would have DREAMED of making 6-figures a year, traveling the world and living life on our terms. It hasn’t ALWAYS been like this, though.

Five years ago, I was having difficulty at work at an advertising agency as Marketing Director, hustling to make ends meet, and even fell asleep at the wheel from exhaustion (came out unscathed, thankfully).
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John D. Saunders in the ocean taking a selfie
To be completely honest, my wife and I hardly spent time together, and I was tired ALL the time, looking for a way out in the form of working myself to the bone.

I couldn’t STOP, though.

That’s when I decided to FOCUS on website design. I spent DAY AFTER DAY building website’s for friends, family and local businesses while consuming every piece of free content, investing in countless courses and TESTING my chops with new and existing clientele.
John D. Saunders giving a business presentation in a large group setting
I hired my first Developer, then a Designer and a Project Manager (while being BROKE – I’ll explain later) and built out a system that leveraged my team, freed up my time and allowed me to live life on MY terms while running a web design operation from my living room.

That’s when EVERYTHING changed…
Since then, I’ve been able to build more than 250+ websites for local and national businesses including Land Rover, NAACP, WGInc. and other Fortune 500 companies. All from a home office I love. Being able to pick my son up from school EVERY DAY at 4PM is such an amazing feeling.

This success has given me one of the BEST gifts in the world…the ability to do what I want, when I want with my loved ones and family. It’s even allowed me to travel the world with my family and give my son the childhood i never had.

I want to give this gift to you!

Before I tell you more, I’ve got a few questions…

  1. Have you wanted to run a remote business, but lack tech experience?
  2. Are you looking to leave your 9-5 for dependable, consistent income?
  3. Do you LOVE design and branding but haven’t the slightest idea where to start?
  4. Are you a freelance web designer trying to balance your workload and scale?
  5. Are you worried you have to learn code to be successful as a web designer?

Answered yes to any of the questions above?
Introducing the Web Design Studio Accelerator
I launched my FIRST course 4 years ago on Udemy, not knowing what to expect.

It went on to be one of the BEST SELLING courses on the platform with more than 2,000+ students and 50+ 4.8-star reviews. Since then, I’ve launched two more courses, hitting 7-figures in the process and hosted workshops and masterminds in South Florida, San Francisco and New York City.

‍At the same time, I’ve been running a THRIVING web design studio ALL with a small remote team from my home office.

So, why am I telling you this?

‍I believe in order to be a great teacher, you HAVE to be an active practitioner, especially in the realm of branding and web design. There have been a TON of changes to web design and branding and the ‘SLAP a SITE UP” strategy just doesn’t cut it for high level clients. The Web Design Studio Accelerator isn’t just a course, it’s a DETAILED and PERSONALIZED training program built on regularly updated Standard Operating Procedures built from the ground up with video training EVERY step of the way.

  • Video Lessons
    You get access to the EXACT training videos and lessons we use to train staff, delegate tasks and free up time to focus on big picture. It’s the blueprint, from prospecting all the way to closing recurring revenue. All organized and ready for view.
  • Source Files
    The entire FOLDER of all source files including branding guideline, logo templates, website design files, social media collateral, and so much more organized and prepped in Sketch, AI and PSD formats.
  • DOCS / SOPs
    Everything you would ever need ready to go. You get the video training, step-by-step directions and the itemized lists and Google Sheets we use to deliver award-winning website designs to clients.

10+ years of expertise in less than 10 hours of actionable lessons
More reasons to love WebFlow and WordPress

  • Big brands use it
  • Easy to manage
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • No need to learn code
  • Freedom

The Launchpad
Before you get DEEP into the curriculum, it’s a great idea to frame your web design studio by understanding the whole process.
 Why You Still NEED a Full Website Experience
 Why You Need the BEST CMS in the World to Build Websites
 The Fundamentals of the Perfect Website
 ​The Actionable Tactics to Audit a Site and Provide Feedback

The Setup
Here’s where we set up your website design studio for success. You get ALL the training, videos and docs in order of execution to get LIVE in under 30 days.
 The Website Design Master List and Video Training
 Remote Staff Hiring Tactics and PROVEN Templates
 Hiring Offshore Freelancers & Exact interview Process
 Onboarding Team Members Strategy
 Task Management Templates and Video Training

Design & Development
Here’s where you GROW and dominate. I show you how to delegate detailed tasks with precision, manage workflow and execute award-winning designs.
 Branding Design Fundamentals Training
 Brand Discovery Doc Review for Client Prospecting
 ​Done-For-You Sketch, PSD and AI Files for Branding
 ​Done-For-You Sketch, PSD and AI Files for Website Design
 Branding Design Fundamentals Training
 Brand Discovery Doc Review for Client Prospecting
 Done-For-You Sketch, PSD and AI Files for Branding
 Done-For-You Sketch, PSD and AI Files for Website Design

Once your studio is ready to launch, I show you how to keep the pipeline full. These are the EACT tactics I use to do 5-figures every month, as well as recurring revenue you can create with minimal effort.
 The Flawless Proposal Kit – Our EXACT Proposal
 How to Create Content that SELLS
 The Case Study Cheat Code – How to Get New Prospects DAILY
 Cold Email Outreach Templates & Video Training
 Google My Business Mastery and Sales Process
 The Sales Process
 Invoicing and Client Agreements

Partnerships and More
In this module, I’ll show you how NICHING down in web development is the BEST way to make a great living. Plus, ways to create recurring revenue that cover your lifestyle without having to take on a TON of other services.
 How to Provide Hosting for Clients with 0 WORKLOAD.
 Leveraging Relationships to Partner with Agencies
 MY PARTNER LIST – List of VETTED Partners We’ve Worked With
 Affiliate Opportunities to Grow Your Agency

Social Media Autopilot
Once your studio is ready to launch, I show you how to keep the pipeline full. These are the EXACT tactics I use to do 5-figures every month, as well as recurring revenue you can create with minimal effort.
 How to Automate your Social Media Efforts
 Content Creation
 Video Training

WebFlow Web Design
In this module, I breakdown the new website builder, Webflow and how it will revolutionize your business and make designing, building and scaling your studio SO much easier.
 Detailed training on designing Webflow websites
 Free Cloneable Templates, Themes and Resources
 Quality Assurance Video Training
 Tons of Free Goods

The Value Stack
It seems like EVERYONE these days is a GURU.

They take a pic with a flashy car, post some bootleg “screenshots” and post in front of a mansion and suddenly they’re a MASTER. In their courses, they might teach a few tips ANYONE can learn with a couple of Google searches.

Most course creators are professional course creators who know how to TALK. They care about their WALLETS more than their students.

My name is John D. Saunders and I’ve dedicated the last 10 years to perfecting my craft, helping thousands of agency owners and SMBs with marketing and web design strategy. I made well over six figures before launching ANY courses and documented the whole process with content and standard operating procedures.

Who is running the course?
I LIVE digital marketing.

I founded an award-winning agency called 5Four Digital 4 years ago with a great team. We’ve built website designs for Fortune 500 companies including Audi, the NAACP and NBA superstars including Keyon Dooling. In addition to launching successful businesses for clients, I’ve done it myself. Over the past two years, I’ve sold 3 e-commerce businesses and launched a profitable financial literacy blog called

I believe in creating beautiful digital products, growing brands and making profitable businesses lucrative for potential buyers. A lot of that comes from amazing web design.

Lastly, I’ve hosted workshops, presented for audiences around the globe and LOVE providing value on a continuous basis to podcast hosts.

The Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Read me first
  • Master list
  • The introduction
    15 mins

Module 2 – Web Design Studio Setup

  • Web design checklist
    8 mins
  • Website fundamentals doc
    3 mins
  • Skills & jobs
    4 mins
  • Hiring your remote team
    16 mins
  • Onboard new clients
    6 mins

Module 3 – The web design agency process

  • Prospect
    7 mins
  • Onboarding a new client
    8 mins
  • Brand discovery
    11 mins
  • Sitemap
    4 mins
  • Brand guidelines doc
    6 mins
  • Low fidelity wireframe
    2 mins
  • Website content doc
    5 mins
  • High fidelity wireframe
    3 mins
  • Web development
    5 mins
  • Quality assurance
    13 mins
  • Website launch
    2 mins
  • Website management
    5 mins

Module 4 – Design and Development strategy

  • Design + Development
    7 mins
  • Development – brand discovery
    10 mins
  • Developing Design
    6 mins
  • Website design + Figma files
    4 mins
  • Website quality assurance list
    3 mins

Module 5 – Gaining paying clients

  • The flawless proposal kit
    8 mins
  • Providing massive value to gain new clients
    8 mins
  • Case studies
    3 mins

Module 6 – The business (profit first strategy)

  • The business (profit first strategy)
    4 mins

Module 7 – an intro to Webflow

  • An intro to Webflow
    36 mins

Module 8 – Building no-code template websites in Webflow

  • Building no-code template websites in webflow
    36 mins

Module 9 – Webflow QA

  • Going live
    20 mins

Website critiques: Critiques from the Slack group

  • Agency site critique
    3 mins
  • General website critique
    4 mins
  • Education website critique
    3 mins
  • Donation website critique
    4 mins

Private group questions: Responses to questions to the private Facebook group

  • Client response times and project timeline
    4 mins

The only course on creating a process for your business you can copy + paste
Learn the mindset of delegation by setting up your company for success.

$4,100 VALUE
Bonus #1
Get access to our FULLY custom designs for your website agency, brand identity, business cards, social media collateral and more.

$7,000 VALUE
Bonus #2
You INSTANTLY get access to our entire video library. You can literally send these videos to your designer & dev to implement dozens of tasks without lifting a finger.

$4,100 VALUE
Bonus #3
Use all of the SOPs in our library to automate and grow your agency with proven methods.

$4,100 VALUE
Bonus #4
Join our exclusive Slack group with hundreds of other web design agency owners.

$4,100 VALUE
Bonus #5
Job templates! View and copy our exact job templates!

$4,100 VALUE
Bonus #6
The entire video library at your fingertips! Hours of additional training and content.

Sales Page: Download Files Size: 3.34 GB

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