Josh Braun – Poke the Bear Cold Calling

Josh Braun – Poke The Bear Cold Calling

Josh Braun – Poke the Bear Cold Calling

Course Curriculum

01 – Why Cold Calling
02 – Getting The Most Out of This Course
03 – Turning Pro
04 – Mise en Place

05 – Blame vs. Responsibility
06 – Detach From the Outcome
07 – Tune In Tune Out
08 – Dealing With Rude Prospects
09 – You’re the Captain
10 – You Are Not Your Job

Clarifying Your Message
11 – The Three Questions

Selecting Prospects
12 – List Creation Process

The Script
13 – Why a Script?
13.1 – Step 1: Permission
14 – Step 2: Person
15 – Step 3: Poke The Bear
15.1 – Examples of Poke the Bear Questions
15.2 – What the First 30 Seconds Sound Like
15.3 – Dana’s Poke the Bear Question
16 – Step 4: Peel The Onion
17 – Step 5: Don’t Burn The Popcorn
18 – Putting It All Together
19 – Example Poke the Bear Talk Track
20 – Final Thoughts on Cold Calling

How You Sound
20 -Tone, Pace & Volume
21 – Example of Sounding Conversational
21.5 – Example of a Chill Tone (Real Call)

Reducing Meeting No Show Rates
22 – Reducing No Shows

23 – Why Prospects Raise Objections
24 – True Or Not True?
25 – We Don’t Have a Budget
26 – I’m Not Interested
27 – Send Me Some Information
28 – How Did You Get My Number?
29 – You Caught Me At a Bad Time
30 – i’m Not The Right Person
31 – We Already Have a Vendor
32- If We Find a Need We’ll Let You Know
33- What Do You Do?
34 – We’re Using a Competitor

Following Up
33 – Following Up When Timing Is Off
34 – Follow Up With Ghosted Prospects

Time Management
35 – The Pomodoro Technique For SDRs

Real Cold Calls
Heidi’s Cold Call
Ronen’s Call
Radically Honest Call Opener
Cold Call From a Real Estate Agent Part 1
Real Estate Agent Part 2
Cold Call Critique
This Cold Call Made Me Lean Forward
Asking prospect who ghosted you for Feedback – Gaggle
Asking for Feedback
“I Don’t Want Cold Calls”
Awesome Poke the Bear Question – Podcast Editing
Watch Me Practice Cold Calling
Cold Call Critque

Thinking Like a Scientist
Example Script for Warmbox
Example Script for CaptivateIQ
Poke The Bear Fill In The Blank Template
Discussion Guide for Managers
Phraseology That Lowers Resistance
Cold Call Report Card
Preventing Opportunities From Being Stuck
Cold Call Rant
Listening to Persuade vs. Understand
Email to Prospects Who Disappeared

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