Lana Sova – Rapid Email Mastery Course (GB)

Lana Sova – Rapid Email Mastery Course

Lana Sova – Rapid Email Mastery Course

When You Get Access To Rapid Email Mastery: 

  • You will speed up your progress 10X, giving you an unfair advantage against your competition
  • You will stand out from the crowd as a skilled email copywriter and marketer in a saturated market even if you’re 100% brand new copywriter
  • You will gain undefeated confidence in your copywriting skills
  • Quickly increase your copywriting and marketing skills to land higher-paying clients
  • Build a strong and profitable prospecting portfolio even if you’ve never written any email copy before
  • Access Guidance From a Successful 6-Figure Copywriter to Inject Confidence in Your Ability to Became a Full-Time Copywriter
  • Skip the trial and error trying to figure out the best way to study email marketing so you can begin landing clients as soon as 6 weeks from now
  • Get the exact step-by-step process of mastering writing emails fast so you can become work just up to 6 hrs a day and have time to enjoy your brand new life
  • Apply for potential gigs with confidence your copy is better than any other applicant.

Module #1: Anatomy of Successful Emails

  • Simple Way to Write Winning Subject Line Formula. Discover How to Generate Subject Lines That Have High Open Rates. (Mastering this will give you a leg up above your competition AND make your client want to throw their money at you)
  • How to Start An Email. Use These 6 Simple Ways To Grab Your Reader Attention Instantly.
  • What Goes In the Email Body? How to craft a compelling and juicy body of the email, so your readers are eager to keep reading your emails
  • Must-Have Elements of a Strong Email Copy. Discover these 5 must-have components to craft a compelling, engaging, and highly profitable email each time
  • My Top 4 Ways to Craft An Action-Inducing Call-to-Action. Use this to generate highly converting emails so your clients are happy and keep paying you more money
  • Why You Need to Use a P.S With Caution. Discover How This Little Nuance Can Either Make or Break Your Email…. and ultimately boost the revenue or completely destroy it.
  • How Many Links Should You Use an Email? The Answer is much simpler than you realize
  • Ways To Create Your $100MM Idea Swipe File. At last! I’m sharing all my hidden ways of never running out of ideas as an email copywriter
  • The Difference Between Swiping & Stealing. Not knowing this can ruin your career before it even starts

Module #2: Your Moneymaking Email Arsenal

  • 7 Different Types of Emails To Use To Boost Your Client’s Bottom Line…and as a result, fatten your bank account
  • What’s Goal Oriented Emails and how to use these to create the like, know and trust with your audience so they keep buying your client’s product
  • How to Sell Without Selling. Forget the “car salesmen” trickster way of arm-twisting clients into buying products. Here’s an easier AND more authentic way of selling in emails.
  • Simple Way To Tell a Compelling and Action-Inspiring Story Every Time. Hint: When you use this tactic, most of the storytelling is already done for you.
  • How to Craft Curiosity Emails. Need the emails to make it rain for your client? Watch this!
  • The Easiest and Fastest Email To Write. In a time crunch and need an email ASAP? Use this 10 min email type
  • How To Create a Prospecting Portfolio….even if you have never written a piece of copy before!

Module #3: The Secret Power of Editing

  • Why All The Money Is in Editing. And How to Edit Emails the Right way.
  • The Truth About Getting Feedback On Your Emails from Mentors and Copy Chiefs. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly
  • The Secret Editing Tricks Of A-List Email Copywriter. Here’s Your Chance to Stand behind my should and watch me Edit Emails To Craft Winning Emails Every Time
  • The Biggest Sin Every Novice Copywriters Makes When They Write Emails. Hint: It has NOTHING to do with technique. But everything to do with human emotions.
  • How to edit emails the righw way

Module #4: Maximize Your Email Success With This

  • What is a Good Open Rate vs Bad. Know how to analyze your email performance
  • How To Track the Performance of Your Emails. This one little extra step can help you stand out above your competition and keep your client happy.
  • What To Do If the Client Doesn’t Share The Data. Use This Gentle Way To Convince Your Clients To Give You Access To Email Data
  • Why Collecting Email Performance Data Is the Number One Way To Stand Head and Shoulders Above The Competition…so you never have to worry about losing clients

Module #5: Destroy Writers Block


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