LinkedIn Hook Templates: Start Your Posts like a Pro – Authority Marketing

Linkedin Hook Templates: Start Your Posts Like A Pro - Authority Marketing

LinkedIn Hook Templates: Start Your Posts like a Pro – Authority Marketing

Get the exact 67 LinkedIn Hooks with examples that got us from 0 to 1,500,000 Post Views and 5 Business Inquiries PER DAY on LinkedIn in just 9 months.

If you want to surpass your Engagement Goals on LinkedIn in record time, create seriously SCROLL-STOPPING content, and NEVER AGAIN think about how to start your next post

…then the LinkedIn Hook Templates is a NO-BRAINER for you.

I started with ZERO Engagement.

It was October 2020.
I had 700 followers, no business network, no brand, no content, zero engagement, and zero clients.
As a freelance copywriter, I needed to land at least one high-ticket client to survive the month.
Quite a challenge, especially when you’re competing with thousands of big players in the industry. Players that know how to play the LinkedIn game, and were already well established on the platform.
I was just starting out.
So I knew that my content had to be super valuable if I wanted to get any clients at all.
Challenge accepted. I was able to share solid advice, and could talk about copywriting for hours…
…But there was a catch.
See, regardless of how good your advice is, if no one reads it – it’s like it doesn’t exist.
With that said, creating a good Hook is 70% of the work. That first sentence on your post will either make people stop, and keep on reading – or scroll away.
Hence you need to spend most of your time here.
So I did.
I spent hundreds of hours studying what works, why it works, and how to successfully replicate it.
After all, I am a copywriter.

That’s Why I Created Hooks.

Fast forward one year, I’d grown my account to:

  • almost 2M post views
  • 16K+ profile views/month
  • 5 inbound leads per DAY
  • and speaking opportunities everywhere…


Sales Page: Download Files Size: 3.0 MB

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