Matthew Dicks – Storytelling Humor

Matthew Dicks – Storytelling Humor

Matthew Dicks – Storytelling Humor

Humor Volume #1

The best strategies for using humor even if you are not that funny


Learn strategies you can apply to be funny in almost every situation, use humor as power, and deploy it when the time is right.

Grab people’s attention and immediately convey that you are a person to be listened by demonstrating positive qualities

  • Intelligence
  • Attractiveness
  • Leadership
  • Empathy


This is no joke!

There is real science behind the power and impact of humor:


When you make a person laugh…

It stimulates a dopamine release in their brains which make them feel good so they associate that good feeling with you.

  • Emotional connection
  • Stronger bonds
  • people think they know you
  • People like to be around you
  • Mental health


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Matthew Dicks – Storytelling Humor Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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