Max Van Collenburg – Integromat Mastery

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Max Van Collenburg – Integromat Mastery


What You Get:


Over 4 hours of structured, in-depth & fun automation tutorials



Stage 1 – Getting started


First things first. I’ll give you an overview of Make so you know where to find everything, and I give some handy tips that will help you to stay organized.


  • Intro
  • Overview of Make
  • Getting organized




Stage 2 – The basics


Before we’re diving into the advanced stuff, it’s important that you first fully understand all the basics. I’ll demonstrate how scenarios work, how you can use routers & filters, and how you can integrate all kinds of different things.


  • How scenarios work
  • Creating filters
  • Triggers explained
  • Multiple routes with routers
  • Using variables
  • Scenario settings




Stage 3 – Techy things


Techy things made simple. I’ll explain everything step by step, with multiple examples so you can be confident that you can even master the techiest things in Make.


  • Powerful functions
  • Working with APIs
  • Webhooks
  • Data stores
  • Mailhooks
  • Error Handling




Stage 4 – Examples


One of the hardest things with Make is maybe not how to create scenarios, but knowing what’s possible.

You are probably using different tools than I am, but these examples will inspire you to create automations that will make your life easier.


  • Appointment Handler
  • Processing Surveys
  • Deadline Generator
  • Inbox Handler
  • Social Media Publisher
  • Personal Videos
  • Coupon Distributor
  • WordPress Comment Handler
  • Dynamic PDF Generator
  • Email Validator
  • Reply Parser



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