MindValley – Beyond Fasting – Ronan Oliveira

Mindvalley - Beyond Fasting – Ronan Oliveira


MindValley – Beyond Fasting – Ronan Oliveira

Are you looking for the easiest, most effective way to level up your health or get in better shape?
Intermittent fasting has become a global phenomenon in recent years.

And unlike many other health or diet trends, it’s been rigorously proven as an effective and accessible practice for almost anyone.
Yet if you’re fasting the way most people do, which is to simply change when you eat – then you’re barely scraping the surface of what it can really do for you.
Plus, you’re likely opening yourself to some of the common pitfalls: like debilitating hunger, inconsistency, or subpar results.

Beyond Fasting is four weeks of content and transformation.

  1. Week 1 – Mindset and changing when you eat.
  2. Week 2 – Aligning the why and how you eat.
  3. Week 3 – Taking control of what you eat.
  4. Week 4 – Dealing with the unexpected. For instance, what happens if you want to fast and issues like traveling or buffets coming up? Granted, buffets are not a common thing in the pandemic, but I would replace it with family gatherings.

From Monday to Saturday, you get 15 to 20-minute videos. Plus, each day has a couple of tasks to implement.

There’s a lot covered in these (almost) daily classes. They are meant to build upon each other giving you the information to understand fasting and use it to your advance.

On Sunday, you get a summary of the week and are told to catch up on anything you missed and practice what you’ve learned.

You can find all the curriculum for Beyond Fasting on the information and sales page here. But following are a few of the things covered in Beyond Fasting.

  • Four stages of fasting and what happens during those stages.
  • How to figure out what window of eating will be right for you and how many meals to eat during it.
  • What does and does not break a fast according to your goal of the fast, including fat loss, metabolic health, and improved digestion.
  • Why you should add a pinch of salt to your water when fasting, as well as what kind of salt.
  • Breathing technique to reduce hunger and cravings.
  • How the fasting body deals with blood sugar.
  • How to promote electrolyte balance. (The Idiocracy movie always makes me laugh at the thought of everything needing electrolytes, but it is actually important).
  • What foods should be included in your eating window and what foods shouldn’t. Just like in 10x, he includes all the vegan options and separates them from the animal options, which I appreciate.
  • How to eat when eating out of the house or getting food delivered.
  • How to break a 24 hour fast as opposed to a 16 hour fast.
  • What to do when you mess up your fasting.

There’s so much more. He really digs into ALL the information that helps you understand what you are doing while fasting and how to make the most of it. This guy obviously lives and breathes maintaining physical health, and he has a wealth of knowledge to share about it.

What Makes This Information ‘Beyond’ Fasting?


Ronan covers everything you need to know about intermittent fasting that anyone would need to know, including when to fast, why to fast, how to fast, how to deal with challenges that come up while fasting.

  • You learn how to deal with fasting both physically and mentally so that you can make the most out of your health venture.
  • You learn what type of fasting is best for you.
  • You learn how to tackle common issues while fasting.
  • You learn how to take your fasting to the next level.
  • You learn how to make sure you can fast for the recommended amount of time for you.

In short, he covers everything you need to know about fasting to make it work for you.

Well, actually, he didn’t talk about exercising and fasting in the quest, which someone pointed out in the community, so Ronan did make a video on YouTube talking about it and said he would likely create some bonus content to add to that.

This is where Mindvalley excels. You get bonus Q&As with Ronan, and these bonus sessions often answer any lingering questions I have in regards to a quest. (These are still upcoming as of this review so check the Mindvalley calendar if they are not in your account yet).

I’ve also found that they will update a course, if need be, with content that fills in any blanks.

You also get a community to talk to as you take the quest and beyond.

In the Beyond Fasting community, I found it interesting that there were people who were not new to fasting at all, but they were discovering how to deal with challenges that they’ve been having. As someone who has never fasted on a regular routine, I found it interesting to learn about people’s challenges, mistakes, and concerns even though they’ve been fasting for a year or longer.

In other words, this would be a great fasting course to start with or end with – it works just as well both ways.

Beyond Fasting is another quest from Mindvalley that can impact your physical health in a positive way.

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