Myron Golden – Mastery Boot Camp

Myron Golden – Mastery Boot Camp

Myron Golden – Mastery Boot Camp

What You Get:

12 Week Offer Mastery Bootcamp Recordings

1 Group call per week with Myron Golden, Ph.D. The training calls will alternate between training calls and Q&A coaching calls designed to help you master every area of becoming an offer-making machine.

Offer Mastery Coaching

1 Group Q&A per week for a year as well as an engaged Facebook community for accountability and support, and celebrating wins each month…
Both Myron, Anthony as well as all of the other members in the Facebook group will be providing support and accountability to assist you in reaching your desired outcome.

3 Guest Expert Training Appearances

Learn cutting-edge secrets from 3 of Myron’s top-earning students (who will reveal their secrets of rapid income growth and coachability).

In addition to learning from Myron Golden, Ph.D., and Anthony Golden, you will also learn from some of Myron’s most successful students.
1. Eileen Wilder
2. Dan Henry
3. Sage Event Planning

MMOC Strategies And Share Funnel

Learn the exact strategies I used to sell over 300 tickets to the MMOC in 8 days. Get the share funnel for MMOC that did $57,675.17 in total ticket sales and $275,000 in coaching sales before we even revealed the offer.
Step By Step Instructions For Running Your Challenge.
Plus access to the recordings of all of the Make More Offers Challenges (live and recordings for 1 year).

Every Other Week Live Coaching Call With Anthony

Learn the framework and workflow for video ads that both get approved by FB and still convert like crazy!

Business Builder Growth Hacks

Learn little know growth hacks from Anthony Golden that is so cutting edge that you will think you’re coming back from the future.

Get Access To Mobile Video Pro

Learn to use your iPhone or Android to produce high-quality professional-looking videos that make people desire to buy what you are selling.

Learn To Persuade Like Presidents

Learn the secret psychology of persuasion used in every successful Presidential campaign that has won over the last half-century.

Fireshot Capture 088 Offer Mastery Bootcamp

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Myron Golden – Mastery Boot Camp Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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