Kenrick Cleveland & Joe Riggio – Power Language Breaking and Bending Realities

Kenrick Cleveland &Amp; Joe Riggio – Power Language Breaking And Bending Realities

Kenrick Cleveland & Joe Riggio – Power Language Breaking and Bending Realities

This new leap is based on Dr. Riggio and Kenrick Cleveland’s deep collaboration over the last 12 months, includes breakthroughs discovered and “proven out” in the last 90 days, and will allow you to confidently take control of any persuasion situation, get an outcome you want, and feel good about the process.

We exist because of language.

It creates consciousness.

Consciousness creates reality.

And if we can change our language we can change reality… determining the actions we take and responses we get in the world.

If you have watched the full Hunter’s Gift Live Training…

You know that we just announced a brand new coaching program that will allow you to change your language… your own frame of Reference, from the Farmer to the Hunter…

and then have the skills and strategies for being able to conversationally change others. Our new program…

Is a high-level coaching course that Dr. Joseph Riggio and I will be running together – where you will discover the next evolution of Persuasion and Influence strategies for…

Being able to get inside the mind of your listener, finding out how they construct their reality, and then being able to install a brand new one that matches up with their outcomes or your own.

These are the most powerful persuasion and influence skills I have ever seen and I’m really excited to bring them to you.

Your Mentor – Joseph Riggio
Joseph Riggio is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf Process.

Joseph is the author of “Towards a Theory of Transpersonal Decision-Making in Human Systems” available from

He has also studied and practiced architecture professionally and practiced many years as a professional animal behaviorist and trainer.

Joseph apprenticed and studied intensively for seven years with NLP Master Trainer, Roye Fraser or NLP America/ Blue Dell Systems, the creator of the Generative Imprint™ Model,
and is one of a select few individuals to have been approved as a trainer of the Generative Imprint™ Model by Roye.

He is also a licensed NLP Master Coach and Trainer with the Society of NLP.

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Kenrick Cleveland & Joe Riggio – Power Language Breaking and Bending Realities Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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