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Private Wealth Academy

Private Wealth Academy

At Private Wealth Academy, we’re on a mission to empower YOU to take the reins of your financial destiny! We’re here to teach you the powerful strategies the elite have used for years to privatize, protect and grow their wealth.

Although there are a few companies out there that make similar claims, we’ve found many of these to be significantly lacking in information or worse – have NO legal standing whatsoever. With Private Wealth Academy, you can rest assured our methods are legally sound, proven & guaranteed to do exactly what we promise.
Every year, the average citizen watches their hard-earned money vanish into the abyss of debt, lawsuits, divorce, credit woes, mortgage overpayments, and the relentless grip of taxes.
But what if you could break free from this vicious cycle, bidding farewell to the traps that enslaved you?
The truth is, there is a roadmap allowing you to rise above the rest, supercharge your wealth, and safeguard it for generations to come.
The secrets we teach have lasted for generations. The concepts are nothing new but have been kept hidden from the public since the dawn of time. With businesses, the government, and litigious parties wanting to steal more and more of your wealth – protecting, growing and managing that wealth becomes ESSENTIAL if you hope for it to last.
Discover how to properly preserve your wealth and watch how fast it can grow!


Private Wealth Academy – Corporate Credit Secrets

Private Wealth Academy – Corporate Credit Secrets

What You Get:




Corporate Credit Secrets


Learn how to build up to $50,000 in credit in 6 months or less. Keep the entity even longer and you can build up to $100,000 in 12 months and $250,000 in 24 months. The numbers just keep growing and growing – where they stop is up to you! Spend all the money and when done bankrupt the company!



How To Remove Personal Liability 


99% of people get corporate credit the wrong way! That’s because they use their Social Security Number or personal information to secure the loans. This makes the person responsible for all debts and if not paid off immediately – can result is some nasty lawsuits and extreme drops in personal credit scores!



Setting Up Credit-Optimized Corporations


Anybody can apply for corporate credit themselves, but it takes an expert to tell you how to setup the entity so it will not be “red flagged” or “blacklisted” from every getting credit. Once an entity is optimized – it can obtain 10X more credit than the standard company that is setup without our help.



List of Best Corporate Credit Cards


Wondering where to get the next corporate credit card from? There is no more worries when you have a list of the best corporate credit cards and even the best lines of credit to obtain. Learn how a single card can secure up to $100,000 in credit by simply being one of the first credit lines you open up when beginning to build corporate credit.



How To Obtain Corporate Credit Loans 


After you’ve secured your corporate credit cards with high limits, it is time to start building up for corporate credit loans which can get MASSIVE! We’re talking about $50,000 to $250,000 loans that will allow anyone to build their company up to a success – and even if the business fails – you’re not held responsible.



Pre-Built Website, Logos & Letterheads 


To build a business that will get approved for a lot of corporate credit and loans – you’ll need to have a website, voicemail, logos, letterheads and so much more. That can be extremely costly and a waste of time. We have saved you all the hassle by creating templates that can be completed in a single day!

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Private Wealth Academy – Bulletproof Trust Secrets

Private Wealth Academy – Bulletproof Trust Secrets

What You Get:




Taxes…. It’s a pain we all have to live with, right? WRONG! Contrary to popular belief, taxes are a voluntary system. Did you catch that? VOLUNTARY.

Even Steve Miller, former Director of the IRS, went on record at a Congressional hearing and stated that the tax system implemented by the IRS is not mandatory — but a voluntary system.

Deep down, we all know that rich people like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg don’t pay taxes… and even when they do, THEY PAY LESS THAN YOU!

Aren’t you tired of feeling hopeless and having 1/2 OF EVERYTHING YOU MAKE – STOLEN FROM YOU?

He Who Does Not Assert His Rights… Has None!


After one of our founding members, Carlton Weiss, began working for high-priced West Coast attorneys that pierced trusts of the rich and elite. In his research, we discovered these mega-corporations, Fortune 500 businesses and billionaires had something in common.

We began to reverse-engineer each step of their empires and when we did, we discovered they all had one common thread… A TRUST!

Once you learn how these trusts operate, break down how they are worded, what laws regulate them, how they can protect you and your assets; most importantly, you’ll learn that this trust CANNOT be made by lawyers!

Call us crazy, but discovering this trust felt like an “Illuminati Secret” as very few public records exist regarding these types of trusts. In fact, there are only Supreme Court cases from the 1800’s and ~20 rare antiquarian books on trust law that even discuss the matter!

Every time our trust paperwork was brought to a lawyer, the same thing would happen WITHOUT FAIL… they’d throw it out without another word or real explanation (except ONE constitutional lawyer who explained he legally couldn’t create the trust on our behalf)!

Fast forward through the 50+ lawyers visited – when we decided to cut out the middle man (again) and have Carlton Albert Weiss – the legend of piercing trusts – create the paperwork for us!

What Carlton Weiss showed us changed everything. We took the new trust paperwork to four of America’s largest multi-national banks (and each time)… minutes later we walked out of the bank with a Bulletproof Trust bank account.

What Did the Bulletproof Trust Do?


It allowed us to limit my tax liability just like the billionaires do! Wouldn’t you love to have full control over your finances and limit your tax liability like the ultra-rich do?

Trusts can work privately or like a business – I’ll show you how to do both. A Bulletproof Trust offers more protection and less liability than popular business types like LLCs or corporations. This is the most powerful financial instrument known to man!

A Bulletproof Trust offers more protection and less liability than popular business types like LLCs or corporations. This is the most powerful financial instrument known to man!



Get Step-By-Step Training


You will be guided on setting up your own Bulletproof Trust and gain the ability to limit your tax liability and obtain the highest level of protection available. Then no one can touch your assets – EVER!

Best of all, you’ll be able to setup the Bulletproof Trust in a matter of days – not months or YEARS! We’ve done all the hard work for you so all you have to do is read the entire document, fill in the blanks and visit the bank. It’s literally THAT simple!

Our instructors will virtually “hold your hand” as you fill in the documents and open your bank account.

Discover the incredible benefits of utilizing and working with the Bulletproof Trust to run your business and/or personal affairs with the utmost security and safety.

You won’t find another offer like this!

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Private Wealth Academy – Real Estate Secrets

Private Wealth Academy – Real Estate Secrets

What You Get:





Let’s face the truth of the current situation: we live inside a financial matrix designed to make the rich-richer and the poor-poorer.  Remember, a system that gives any individual more power than another, be it money, status or energy, will ultimately find itself in a pyramid of power type-structure.

And once a power structure has been established, it will always need more willing participants to play. But there is a SECRET to wealth. In fact, ALL TRUTH IS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. The only problem is we live in the age of information-overload.

Our knowledge comes from many sources: disgruntled elites within the power structure, high-priced lawyers with wealthy clients, case law and our own research team.

If left UNREALIZED it will create a new “Dark Age of Debt” much like The Dark Ages of Serfdom of the past. Credit is the foundation upon which an empire is built!

The extension of “credit” to another in a fiat currency allows anyone to become a financial king.

This is a wonderful time to be alive!

Follow the rules and see how the elites rake in trillions from an unaware public and still follow the “Golden Rule – Do Unto Others.” If this knowledge was known to all, the system would balance itself quickly and after a harsh restructuring period, a type of financial utopia would be entered into.



How Is Allodial Title Secured? Is It Even Real?


First, it’s not really allodial title – it’s called fee simple title because allodial no longer exists anywhere in the world. What that means is WHOEVER HOLDS HIGHEST TITLE – WINS!

And that’s what we teach you to do inside, how to secure your Fee Simple Title and beat the bank at their own game. You will own the land 100%, but still have a “mortgage” for the home that sits on the property. The issue is, the bank CANNOT take the home because it would be trespassing!

That means the courts will force the bank into a constructive trust that insures you stay in your home while paying minimal fees/upkeep.Keep a great credit score, keep your home, keep your life.






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Private Wealth Academy – Half Your Mortgage+Private Banking Secrets

Private Wealth Academy – Half Your Mortgage+Private Banking Secrets

What You Get:




Half Your Mortgage 

Learn how to cut your mortgage in half in time and save up to 87% on your total interest payments! If you’ve ever wondered how to own 3-4 homes free and clear within 30 years – this is how you do it! Real estate investors will have a ‘hey-day’ in every economic climate with the ability to pay less for any loan and utilize other parts of this program to turn a $500K investment into $10M within 30 years!



The 7 Scams of Every Mortgage 

EVERY mortgage contains multiple in-built scams (junk fees, MIP, MI, escrow, etc.) inside of each contract you sign? It’s a harsh reality we all have to face, but you’ll learn the tricks and how to avoid them – forever! If that doesn’t deliver insane value, then you’ll at least walk away never looking at a mortgage in the same way. You’ll learn the truth of the entire banking system and the wool that has been pulled over our collective eyes!



HELOC Secrets

It’s not just any old HELOC that works with this strategy. That’s why learning the secrets of virtually every HELOC (despite the variety available) and how you can find the perfect equity line for your situation. Whether you’re learning about interest rate immunity, how to avoid 100% of all freezes and calls, AVM vs appraisals or The Rule of 72, you’ll be able to operate a HELOC in both the best and worst economic times – and profit!



Bank Questionnaire 

Ever wonder what questions you need to ask a banker who doesn’t realize what a HELOC is or how it can work to pay off your mortgage faster – certainly needs to be COACHED on how to create this financial vehicle for you! Whether you choose a bank from our list or you want to look around elsewhere – this questionnaire will get any loan officer on the same page with you and have you set up in the correct HELOC – first time!



Our Secret Bank List 

We’ve vetted over 1000+ banks and had to cut over 90% of them because of our tight standards and requirements when it comes to delivering the best rates and HELOCs for our students. This list alone is worth the price of admission, and it is constantly updated so you are a lifetime member with the ability to see what the best banks are years from now!



Real Estate Investing Secrets 

HELOCs can be a perfect investing opportunity due to the leverage created when you save up to 87% on interest payments, have variable payments, potentially lower interest rates and so much more! That’s why we’ve outlined the proper LTVs, requirements and actions to take whether you want to: purchase investment properties, rentals, vacation homes and even house flipping!



Private Banking Secrets 

What if we could take any HELOC equity available and turn it into a 4.5% guaranteed return on investment – and even found ways to push that up to potentially 11% return on investment year after year? Then you’re putting any spare money to work for you while earning amazing yields. If that weren’t enough, the private banking program allows you to withdraw up to 100% of the investment for 100% liquidity. So if you want to invest in additional things, you’ll receive a guaranteed rate of return while keeping full liquidity.



High Credit Secrets

Anyone with a credit score under 640 will benefit greatly from the credit secrets shared inside. With the ability to increase your credit score by 100 points in 100 days, there is a certain ability to qualify for even the most stringent HELOCs. In turn, a higher credit score will have the bank issue lower interest rates – huge savings!






Boost Your Score 50-100 Points in 30 Days 

Did you realize there is an even faster way to boost that credit score up and get approved for a greater variety of HELOCs within 30 days of starting this program? It’s true, and the secret only costs $20-$30 a month to implement. Even better, as time rolls on you’ll increase your credit score further and further.



Offset Account Secrets 

This single bonus will increase the speed in which you pay off your HELOC by an average of 20%! So if you were going to pay off a HELOC in 5 years, with these secrets you’ll reduce that to 4 years. If that weren’t amazing, then you haven’t been paying attention to how fast a loan can be repaid with this strategy!



HELOC Hyperdrive Strategy 

The Hyperdrive Strategy is not for everyone because it requires you to change your lifestyle for 70-80% of the recommendations; however, it will boost how fast your HELOC is paid off by an average of 43%!!! Thankfully, we’ve added a few strategies that don’t require too much of a lifestyle change, but are more of an investment with a single year ROI between 100% and 1200%, thus allowing anyone to pay a HELOC off even faster.

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