Dan Lok – High Ticket Closer 2020

Dan Lok – High Ticket Closer

“The World’s Simplest Opportunity To Make 6 Figures From Anywhere, Even If You’re Starting With Nothing!”

This high-income skill is in demand world-wide, even if you’ve never heard of it.

Dan Lok – High Ticket Closer 2020

Introducing Dan Lok’s 7-Week High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program

The Private Mentorship Where I, Dan Lok, Take You On A Transformational 7-Week Journey And Show You The High-Income Skill Of Closing High-Ticket Sales

…A Skill My Top Students Are Able To Leverage For The Rest Of Their Lives

Here’s What Your 7 Week Intensive Mentorship With Me Looks Like:

  • WEEK 1: How To Dominate In Life and In Business With A High-Ticket Mindset

Other programs teach you to use aggressive, salesy techniques to close deals. I show you the opposite right in the first week.

This is the week where you’ll see how you NEVER need to be pushy at all – especially when it comes to high-ticket sales. In fact, the less pushy you are,

the more successful you’ll likely be.

This is NOT a sales program. This program is about closing High-Ticket Offers and luxury goods/services so it requires a whole new set of strategies most people never even heard of.

In fact when it comes to selling High-Ticket Offers and luxury goods/services, it’s actually quite simple. You just have to know

human psychologyon a very deep level.

After this portion of your mentorship, I’ll teach how to be able to

read anyone’s personality within minutesof talking to them. You’ll get to know them even better than they know themselves.

  • WEEK 3: The One-Call Closer Methodology That I’ve Used To Close Profitable Deals With High-Level Influencers FAST — Even When I Was Just Starting Out And No One Knew My Name!

It’s usually my top students that learn these strategies who get the best results.

You can ask any of my 4,900+ past students (or see the testimonial section) – they’ll tell you the same thing. With my methods done properly, people may look at you and think you’ve got a natural gift for deal-making / closing deals. But of course you’ll need to

put in the workfirst.

  • WEEK 4: The High Ticket Sales Scripts – The 7 Secrets I, Dan Lok, Have Used To Close Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Over The Phone

So far in my career, I’ve done thousands of calls. I’ve closed hundreds of deals. And I’ve made millions over the phone. So that’s why you will NEVER find these scripts on Google or any sales training.

With these scripts, you will never be phased by any client, prospect, or sales conversation again –

no matter how intimidatingthe person you’re talking to is.

  • WEEK 5: How To Handle Objections and Resistance Like A KungFu Master Easily Handles A 300-Pound Boxer

Imagine never getting rejected again. Not in business. Not in relationships. Not in any situation. Well you don’t need to imagine because you’ll know how to turn around any conversation at any time with this week’s strategies.

Even after learning these methods some people still get rejected. These are usually the students who aren’t committed and don’t practice. And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, but not everyone can avoid rejection in every situation in life.

However, if you use these methods, you’ll discover that

the more resistance your prospect gives you, the more power you have over them. And the easier it is to close someone.

  • WEEK 6: How To Find High-Ticket Partners – Includes Role Play Sessions With Me, Dan Lok, And Others On My Team

In this week’s class, you’ll be able to hear and experience I, Dan Lok, use the exact skills I teach in HTC to close BIG deals. You’ll also experience how other HTC students are using the exact skills you have to close deals too.

I’m not implying you’ll be able to close big deals like I do. But I AM saying you’ll save all the time and effort it took me to learn these methods that got me results.

  • WEEK 7: How My Top HTC Students Make A 6-Figure Income (And Keep Growing) As A High-Ticket Closer™

This is one of the MOST important classes in the program. In this class, you’ll discover how my top students are making 6-figures faster and easier as a High-Ticket Closer™ compared to working a corporate job.

This includes; where to meet clients. How to introduce yourself. How to win their respect with the first words out of your mouth. How to structure win-win deals with your clients. The 4 requirements every one of your clients must meet for you to make money – for the long-term. And much, much more.

  • WEEK 8: Mystery Bonus Class – Unlocked If You Meet The Following Challenge

To help you get the most out of HTC, here’s another thing I’ve done. I’ve put together a fun challenge where you have an opportunity to win a bonus class with me Dan Lok!

How do you unlock this class? Well, you have to encourage your fellow HTC members to show up to class because, you will only receive this BONUS class if you have an average attendance to the classes of 80% or higher.

So it doesn’t matter if only you attend all the classes,

this will be a group goalfor everyone who’s taking HTC at the same time as you!

In your bonus class, you’ll receive some of my MOST valuable teachings on how he hits almost every goal he has – no matter how big it is. For HTC grads who have unlocked this class, many of them have called this class their favorite!

How Your Life May Be Transformed…

  • ​ A High-Income Skill™ You Can Turn To For Life: As long as you can do what I teach in the program, you could have a High-Income Skill™ where you could potentially make a great living anywhere in the world. However, that does NOT mean you don’t need to do work. Within HTC, you WILL need to do work. In fact, you may need to give up a few certain comforts in life to be able to achieve the maximum results. Do NOT expect to get results without first putting in the work.
  • ​ Be Your Own Boss & Set Your Own Hours: When you’re a successful High-Ticket Closer™, you can work anywhere you are in the world. All you need is a phone with reception. That’s it. High-Ticket Closers™ who perform at the highest level are able to make more money than many internet marketers, doctors, engineers, and lawyers too.
  • ​ Mentorship With Me, Dan Lok: Every week, you’re going to be learning from your accountability group leader (an HTC grad), your HTC family members and me, Dan Lok. This way you get support, advice and help every step of the way, so you can get really good at closing before the end of the program.

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